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17 Selfies Gone Wrong

17 Selfies Gone Wrong

17 Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfies gone wrong

Everyone is guilty of taking a selfie. And sometimes, they don’t come out as good as you think they would. You’re feeling your look, but your selfies ain’t cooperating. But, there are some selfies that just go terribly wrong. Here are 17 selfies gone wrong.


1. She wanted to make sure she had her pre-baby butt back.

 Selfies gone wrong - mom of the year

2. Are you showing something off here?
Selfies gone wrong - is that gymnastics

3. Your kid ain’t having it.

4. That homeless guy totally photobombed your selfie.

 Selfies gone wrong - look behind you lady

5. Say Cheese!

Selfies gone wrong - cheese

6. Unseen selfie moments from the Jersey Shore.

Selfies gone wrong - sittin on the toilet

7. Someone call 911, a bomb just went off.

#somebodycomelookatthis#selfiegonewrong A photo posted by @ducedogg on


 8. No one puts Baby in a corner… unless you need to take a selfie.
Selfies gone wrong - your kid is not a selfie fan

9. Shameless office selfie.
Selfies gone wrong - aren't you glad i didn't say banana

 10. If you’re the babysitter, you should be fired. If you’re the mom, you should definitely be fired.

Selfies gone wrong - if you

11. “I told you already, stop taking selfies with me! I am not a prop!”
Selfies gone wrong - the dog hates pictures

12. This camel isn’t having it either.

Selfies gone wrong - the camel doesn't like pictures

13. Animals really can’t stand selfies. They might be onto something, humans.

 14. The ultimate crotch shot.

Selfies gone wrong - beach

15. This is just heartbreaking.

Selfies gone wrong - spy

16. Oh, the cute couple.

17. Ummm, lady… you’re kid is drowning.

Selfies gone wrong - um your child is drowning

If you have any selfie fails you’d like to share with us, tweet them to us @SOCIETY19!

Fails from: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

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