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5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

Reading transports us to different worlds, different places and even different moods. When we’re submerged in our favorite book we magically transport ourselves to different realities. However, sometimes we actually read about our own reality, that being non-fiction books that help us cope with everyday life issues. Whether we like them or not, we all eventually need them. There’s a ton of famous self-help books that become major bestsellers and end up in everyone’s night table, but here are 5 self-help books that are underrated and definitely deserve a chance.

1. The Secret Life of Introverts 

Now hold on a second! Don’t automatically skip this one if you don’t consider yourself an introvert. That’s precisely the catch about this read. Although it’s in the title, this wonderful book is not just introvert material, it’s actually a must for every single person out there. Yes, introverts might identify themselves much more with the content of the book, but the author, Jean Granneman, clarifies several times throughout her work, that this is a must-read for introverts and extroverts who wish to understand themselves as well as the people around them. In fact, before each chapter ends Granneman has an entire section specifically written and directed towards the extroverts, for example: “For Extroverts: What You Should Know About Loving An Introvert”, or “For Extroverts: Solitude Is Self-Care”. If you’re an introvert you’ll find this book extremely warming and comforting, you’ll finally be able to identify with someone rather than yourself, and understand that you’re not alone when you have those crazy loneliness cravings. For everyone else, give it a chance, you’ll certainly be able to understand that quiet friend who never hangs out.

*5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

2. A Curious Mind: The SECRET to a BIGGER LIFE

Although this one is actually considered a New York Times Bestseller, it’s not as talked about as the famous works by Malcolm Gladwell and Don Miguel that you see in every bookstore window. Written by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman, this book is quite unique and different since it’s a mixture of all the classics put together, plus it was written by a renown Hollywood producer, which is not considered your typical self-help book author. This is considered a strategy and business book, but it can still fall under the self-help category pretty well, since the core of Grazer and Fishman’s idea is creativity and curiosity, and how you can use your curiosity to live your best life with no fears. Embrace the power of your curiosity!

*5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

3. Steal Like An Artist

This one is quite original and creative, both style and content wise. Steal Like An Artist is a cute and empowering coffee-table book that all artists should own. Considered a light read that you can grab whenever you need a 10 minute break, this self-help book will be your most favorite companion if you consider yourself somewhat of an artist. It’s not only inspiring and motivating, but it’s actually fun to read, since the author, Austin Kleon, included drawings, illustrations and quotes all around, making it possible to read in a relaxing non-chronological order, perfect for the distracted occasional reader.

*5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

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4. The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

“Happiness fuels success, not the other way around,” says author Shawn Achor. That’s the simple yet fascinating core of this self-help book. Daring but realistic and backed up by actual studies, this book aims to explain and demonstrate that something as simple being truthfully happy, can indeed change your life if you allow it. A little bit of a heavier read than the previous books, this one certainly deserves a chance, although you don’t see it all over Instagram, Pinterest or window shopping. It doesn’t really matter that it’s not at the top of your average magazine must-read book list. Who doesn’t want to learn to be happy anyway?


Yes, we do know this is technically not a regular self-help, non-fiction book. But it should definitely be under that category, since this cute little coffee-table friend will allow you to submerge in a visual artistic journey, where you will get to reflect and write down your most favorite joyful moments and memories, making you feel the greatest while doing it. 99 THINGS THAT BRING ME JOY is a journal, plastered with colorful drawings and sketches, and a list of 99 distinctive pleasures that prompt you to find yours and write it down. A few examples of these prompts are: “things that make you feel healthy”, “your guilty pleasures”, “a daily ritual you relish”, “a combination of flavors you love” and many other fun, creative and compelling questions. It feels damn good! Besides, who doesn’t love answering questions and filling up lists? Oh, and by the way, the inside of the book is made of your Pinterest and Instagram Aesthetic dreams. Trust us! But if you don’t go ahead and find out by yourself!

*5 Self-Help Books That Are Underrated And Definitely Deserve A Chance

Now it’s time to grab a cup of warm tea, a cute blanket and some peace and dive into these fantastic self-help books that are underrated but definitely deserve a chance. Comment below and tell us which book is your favorite!

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