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Self-Care Tips For Your Zodiac

Things are hectic and uncertain right now, and oftentimes it’s difficult to remember to take some time for yourself and your wellbeing. Here are some easy and effective self-care tips for your zodiac sign to get you feeling better!

Capricorn: Stretch!

We don’t always realize just how much of the day we spend sitting down, hunched over, or curled up in a ball until our bones start to ache. Take a second to stretch, Capricorn! This can be as complex as a full yoga session, or just pulling your arms up over your head for a few seconds. Just be sure that your body’s moving and you’re taking time to decompress. Do this right when you wake up, and try to continue throughout the day. If you do it every day, you can eventually make it a part of your routine, and over time, you’ll start to feel a lot better. 

Aquarius: Treat Yourself To A Warm Bath (Or A Long Shower!)

Whether or not you’ve got a tub in your house, finding ways of relaxing through water can be one of the best forms of self-care. Take time to set up a bath bomb, bubbles, bath salts, shower tabs, or a deep conditioning treatment. Make your bath or shower something that wouldn’t normally fall under routine. Make it special, Aquarius. This way, you’ll really feel pampered, and like you’re taking time for yourself. 

Pisces: Go For A Walk!

Dust off your sneakers, put your dog on a leash, and load up your favorite playlist, Pisces. Going for a calm walk, in the morning or the evening, can help you wind down and breathe for a little bit. This can be in a park, by a garden, or in your very own neighborhood. Just set aside some time and really commit to doing this on a regular basis. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be overly athletic, and instead focus on taking in your surroundings and appreciating the route or path you’re currently on. 

Aries: Reconnect With An Old Friend Or Family Member!

Now that you’ve got time, Aries, you can really take stock and call all the people you’ve been meaning to! It’s not great to hold grudges, so if you’ve got a particular relationship that went sour with someone that’s been bothering you recently, take some time to clear the air. There are some people that you don’t need in your life, but others that are still worth reconnecting with. Take some time to think this over, and make the right call that’s fit for you! You’ll feel a great weight lifted off your chest afterwards. 

Taurus: Bake Something New!

Whether you’re ready to compete on a national level, or have zero baking skills at all, there’s always something new to attempt when it comes to the kitchen. Step a little bit out of your comfort zone and make something you’ve always wanted to, or something that you consider to be one of your favorite desserts. The baking process itself will prove to be extremely therapeutic, and you’ll have the finished result to enjoy afterwards. It’s a tasty win-win situation, Taurus. 

Gemini: Give Journaling A Chance!

You’ve definitely got a lot to say, Gemini, and here’s your chance! Journaling is a really cool concept to try, because it can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be. Feel free to make your pages as creative as possible, or simply jot down your thoughts on scrap pieces of paper or on the Notes app of your phone. Getting feelings out in the form of the written word is one of the most healing and rewarding experiences that’s out there. It can be the bringer of loads of powerful epiphanies. Plus, it’s always nice to look back on how you felt in the past. 

Cancer: Drink Some Tea!

Hot or cold, a cup of tea is extremely detoxifying in moments of high stress. If you’re already a fan of tea, serve yourself your go-to flavor. If not, try something new! With the endless amount of teas out there, you’re bound to find something you really enjoy. You can even make it into a fun challenge of sorts, trying a bunch of different flavors until you find your favorite ones. Have a cuppa with someone you love, or have a cup calmly in the morning by yourself. Pair it with your favorite cookies or cakes, and you’re all set! 

Leo: Pamper Yourself With A Soothing Face Mask!

Face masks are so much fun, and the ultimate form of self-care that’s out there right now. You’re no exception to the rule, Leo! You deserve to be pampered and have soft and glowing skin all of the time! Have a good time picking out an adequate face mask, and let it dry while you continue binging your favorite television show. Let yourself have a full on spa day if you’ve got time! After all, if you’re already doing a face mask, might as well go all out, right? 

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Virgo: Organize Something!

Clutter is one of the biggest stressors out there, and a messy spaces can cause your thoughts to be even messier, Virgo. Don’t try to aim too high when selecting a space to organize. Instead, focus on being calm and constructive throughout the entire process. For example, organize a bookshelf or a drawer that you’ve left neglected for a while. Finishing tasks will make you feel more productive, and the monotony of the activity will be sure to calm you down (even if it’s just a little bit, or even if it’s a small space). 

Libra: Listen To Your Favorite Calming Music!

Take a few minutes to formulate a good and relaxing playlist, full of all those comforting songs you love so much, Libra. Dim the lights of your bedroom or go sit in the garden, lay on your bed or dance around nonstop- just feel good! Music can really change one’s mood for the better (or for worse, so be careful!), and can ground us when we’ve been thinking too long. If you’ve got a favorite music video, watch it. If you can play an instrument, practice it. Just surround yourself with music you love. 

Scorpio: Try Painting Using Watercolors!

Watercolors are one of the most soothing forms of art out there, and they don’t require any previous experience. Get yourself a cheap watercolor set, Scorpio, and let the watery blending of colors calm you down. You can even put on your favorite music or movie in the background, and just use the watercoloring as a way of keeping your thoughts steady. Let the brush flow freely, without focusing too much on what exactly it is you’re trying to create. It isn’t really about the end point, after all. It’s all about self-care!

Sagittarius: Mediate!

There’s nothing like some good old fashioned meditation to soothe the soul. The internet makes it incredibly accessible to find guided meditations, breathing patterns, soothing sounds of nature, and so many other similar forms of meditation. Meditation sounds a bit intimidating and complex, but definitely doesn’t have to be, Sagittarius! You can always just take a moment to sit, breathe, and clear your head of all thought. The world gets so hectic and overwhelming sometimes. Take a second that only belongs to you. Don’t try to fight the calm that’ll come over you, but welcome it instead. Make the choice to take care of yourself for a bit. 

You deserve to be cared for! And who better to care for you, than you!

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