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12 Self Care Skills To Practice During Your Final Exam Week

Practicing self-care skills during finals week is extremely important. We’ve all been there- three tests, two papers, a project, how can one person manage it all without completely losing their mind? Don’t stress. I’ve put together the 12 best ways on how to keep your cool during the most stressful week of the semester. Not only will your mind thank you, but so will your body. So, why not try them out?

1. Apply a Face Mask

When I’m feeling stressed out or anxious, the best cure for me is to slap on a refreshing face mask and go about my business. Face masks are great for multiple reasons. First off, they force you to wash your face before. Washing my face always leaves me feeling refreshed. When I’m tired, I rinse my face and instantly feel more awake. You can wear a face mask in the bathtub, while doing homework, while cooking lunch, there’s not much you can’t do while wearing one of these masks. After I promise they will leave you feeling relaxed and ready to take on your work. 

2. Use a Bath Bomb

Taking baths are great because they allow you to spend some alone time and just unwind. Baths can be even more relaxing thanks to bath bombs. These are one of my favorite inventions ever and can be bought at Lush for under $10. After soaking in the colorful bathwater, you’ll be left with the softest and best smelling skin around. So dim the lights, light some candles, and get ready for complete relaxation. 

3. Stretch

Whether it’s stretching out in your room or taking a yoga class downtown, stretching will make your body feel amazing. I wake up each morning and take a few minutes to stretch so my body is ready to take on everything during my busy days. During finals week, it’s hard to find free time between studying, review sessions, and group projects, but I highly recommend finding a few minutes each day to do this. Stretching increases your energy levels and increases blood circulation. Even better, check out if your school’s gym offers free yoga classes. Though a class is more timely than a quick stretch routine, your body will thank you after cramping it into library chairs all week. 

4. Treat Yourself to Your Favorite Coffee

Chances are during finals week, you’re going to be fueled up on coffee each day. Nobody likes studying, so you shouldn’t have to deal with watered down, cheap tasting coffee. Go out of your way for your favorite iced mocha latte. Drive the further distance to Starbucks rather than your on-campus cafe if it’s going to make studying more enjoyable. Even grab some friends and find a cute coffee shop to do your work in. You will be way happier with your favorite caffeinated drink in hand.

5. Make Time for Meals

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos that comes with finals week. Spending long hours in the library, it’s easy to forget to eat lunch. Or maybe you’ve been cramming all day and missed dinner. Without eating, concentrating becomes nearly impossible. Without food to fuel your brain, you will never get the work you need done, or get the work done right. Don’t overstress. Don’t skip meals. If you have to, pack a sandwich and fruit in your bag to bring to your study session. Even order Domino’s to the library if you need to. Studying doesn’t have to mean starving! 

6. Workout Your Stress

A great way to relieve stress is by burning calories. Working out helps to relieve headaches and get all your emotions out. Maybe you have to wake up an hour earlier to run on the treadmill before sitting in a study room all day. Maybe you stay up an extra 30 minutes at night to hit abs and arms before bed. Whatever it takes, I highly recommend it. Burning off steam during finals week will keep you cool, calm, and collected. Everyone will be wondering how you seem to always have it together. 

7. Get a Massage

If I could afford to get a massage every day, I would. Twice a day would be even better. When I’ve had a long day or am feeling worn down and exhausted, a massage is the only cure. Not only do they feel amazing and allow you to completely relax, massages reduce fatigue, improve sleep, and relieve anxiety. During finals week I tend to get very anxious when planning out everything I have to do, so getting a quick massage helps alleviate that. Check Groupon for discounts on your local spas. 

8. Go for a Drive

Sometimes, you just need to scream your stress away. Grab your best friends, hop in the car and turn up your favorite playlist. Drive around, singing at the top of your lungs and for a few minutes just try and forget about all the work you have to complete this week. Laughing, singing, and spending quality time with your friends is important during these busy times of your life so you don’t completely drown in stress. 

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9. Pamper Yourself

Take a study break! You’ve been working so hard all week. Take an hour out of your day and head to the local nail salon. Pick out your favorite color and just sit back and relax. Having this “you” time is important so you don’t lose yourself in the chaos. Not only will you feel great after, but your nails will look flawless. Look good feel good, am I right? 

10. Allow Time for Naps

You might feel guilty doing this, but you need time to rest to keep yourself sane. For good mental health, take naps. If you are so tired that you’re struggling to keep your eyes open while typing a paper, close your laptop. Set an alarm for 20 minutes, and allow yourself that time to doze off for a few. 20-minute naps improve alertness and enhance your memory (perfect for all the study sheets you’ll be memorizing all week). These naps truly are power naps, take advantage of them!

11. Light Some Candles

Candles make every situation better. Eating dinner? Light some candles. Taking a bath? Light some candles. So why not spice up your desk with warm and cozy candles? Personally, I work so much better when I’m surrounded by the comfort of my favorite candles. The warm and comforting sense that they give off will automatically make you feel more relaxed you while you work. 

12. Set Up a Cozy Space

Want to feel relaxed? Grab blankets, pillows, your laptop, and get to work. Having a warm and comfortable corner to read, take notes, or type essays in makes it all the more enjoyable. The best idea is to work in a space with natural light, as it will make you feel happier, calmer, and way more productive. Don’t forget to bring your coffee!

Nothing can stop you now. Are you ready to have your most productive finals week yet? Let us know how you stay calm during all the chaos.

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