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10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

Everyone loves a little self-care to enhance our mind and make us feel good about ourselves. Whether you’re on a journey of self-love and confidence or need a pick-me-up, here are 10 self-care ideas to keep a positive mindset! 

1. Reading A Book

This is my favorite form of self-care. Whether you’re elevating your mind with a lifestyle book, or getting lost in the fiction world, all genres of books provide a quick escape of reality. Reading has many significant benefits and you can learn new knowledge from reading any kind of book. 

A current favorite read of mine has been “The Second Home” by Christina Clancy. It’s a fictional story based in Cape Cod that will keep you hooked throughout! You can buy it off of Amazon for $20! 

10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset


2. Taking A Walk

Taking some time out of your day to get some sunshine is crucial! Especially during these times during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is so important to take care of your physical health and get your body moving. At least 20 minutes of outdoor activity can really improve your mindset because being indoors all day can feel draining. 

If you don’t particularly want to go for a walk, have some coffee on your porch or make a garden in your backyard! Get creative with what you can do outdoors. 

0 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

3. Face Masks

Who doesn’t love a good old face mask? Something that’s replenishing for your skin, a face mask will make you feel clean, energized and smelling good. You can choose your preference of a sheet mask, clay mask or a simple wash-off mask. All of them do just the trick! 


One of my favorite masks so far has been the Look Alive Hydrating Plumping Face Mask by Versed Skin. It is only $9.99 and has done wonders for my skin! Its target is for dry skin or skin needs a little boost. It is a soothing gel mask with aloe vera and contains rosehip seed oil! 

If you plan on using this, make sure to check all the ingredients for allergies. 

10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

4.  Journaling

For those days where we are feeling our lowest and our emotions are all mixed up, journaling is a form of self-care that helps many. The process of thinking out loud and writing down every single emotion you are feeling can help release your mind. Don’t stop yourself and just write every detail of your day or a specific thing that could be bothering you. Let it all flow! 


5. Taking A Bath

Dim the lights, grab those candles and settle in for a nice bubble bath. Use a bath bomb or any item you prefer and soak in to detox your mind. If you’re really feeling it and want to go all out, bring in a nice drink and a movie to watch on the side. 

Watching Netflix, listening to music, drinking some wine or even enjoying the silence are all great ideas to add to your bath time! 

6. Trying A New Recipe 

I love this self-care idea! Testing new recipes I see on TV are an amazing past-time but also great for working the creative side of your brain. It takes your mind off of any stressors or things that have been nagging at you. Personally, I love testing random things and mixing them together to see an outcome. It is a lot of trial and error but I love doing it because I’m learning along the way. 

Fill your Pinterest boards up with ideas and recipes and get cooking! 


7. Tidy Up 

We can feel really closed in or congested internally and part of that can derive from being unorganized. I can say from experience that cleaning out my room or finally doing the chore I have been avoiding has made me feel better afterwards. Find whatever it is you have to do like cleaning your closet, doing the dishes or the laundry, cleaning your cat’s litter box or even something as simple as making your bed. You will feel productive and more energized after!

8. Meditation

Meditation has been proven to help relieve the mind and truly be a soulful activity. It can be challenging at first to fully pay attention and focus on your breathing. It is a true form of art that keeps you calm. focused, and determined to accomplish your tasks for the day. 

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My 2 favorite apps for meditation have been Headspace and Calm. Both have you set your goals when you download the app and provide many types of meditation depending on how you are feeling that day. The best recommended time would be in the morning but you can also do it before going to bed! These apps help with getting the right amount of sleep as well.


10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

9. Call A Friend

This one is highly underrated. A lot of self-care involves us doing activities by ourself by we fail to notice how talking to a friend or loved one can improve our mood. Calling up a friend or a parent and just having a conversation can provide such an impact. Sometimes we confide in our close ones and that can help release tension that we may have in our mind. 

10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset

10. Listen To Music 

Spotify and Apple Music can become (and are) our best friends. Music is the key to enlightening your mood and connecting with your mind. There’s not much explaining for me to do here because who doesn’t like music? 


However, I will say that if you want to try something new, i would suggest listening to a podcast. Podcasts are a great way to connect with another person that you relate to and it genuinely feels like you’re having a conversation with them.

Emma Chamberlain’s podcast, Anything Goes, has been a great help for my self-care. She is someone that can lighten the mood and make you laugh. She brings a youthful vibe to her podcast and is very open-minded with different concepts in each episode. Check her out! 

10 Self-Care Ideas To Keep A Positive Mindset