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Secure Your Computer from Viruses and Identity Theft

Going on the internet can be a dangerous game. You have to be careful not to click on any links that can cause a virus on your computer, or be wary of entering personal information such as credit card and social security numbers because you don’t know if the site you are on is legitimate or not. Luckily, there are programs that will allow you to keep your computer safe from hackers and viruses, and back up your files in case that your computer does ever crash. Here are a few of these programs that will help you to protect your computer and your identity, and how to get discounts on them.


McAfee is a company now owned by Intel. It makes antivirus software to protect your computer from malware and emerging internet threats. It combines antimalware, antispyware, and antivirus software with security management that makes it easy to use. It allows the user to see real time visibility and analytics, and it reduces risk, improves internet security, and helps businesses achieve efficiency. It’s powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence and the products offered span many different areas: data protection, database security, email & web security, endpoint protection, mobile security, network security, risk & compliance, security-as-a-service, security management, and security information and event management. For normal consumers, McAfee allows them to shop and surf the internet with complete protection and an integrated firewall that will ensure protection. There is also a virus removal service that will help you to easily rid your computer of a virus if it has one. For businesses, McAfee lets them have the highest level of threat visibility. It moves beyond just simply antivirus software, and businesses can embrace Web 2.0 but also protect it’s critical assets.  It’s the largest dedicated security company, and if you’re looking to secure your computer you need protection like this.

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Carbonite is an online backup service that involves no user interaction after you have downloaded it. There is unlimited backup space, and it automatically searches your computer for updated files or new files to put in its data centers which are guarded 24 hours a day, every day. As it transports the files, it encrypts them twice, making sure that no one else will be able to access these files except for the owners. It has backed up over 700 billion files for it’s customers, and it keeps growing. Carbonite has also recovered 20 billion files for it’s customers, and will do the same for you if your computer crashes. If you aren’t sure of the process, there are representatives always ready to take your call and walk you through the steps. Carbonite allows for remote access so files can be downloaded onto a different computer using a web browser, and you can also access your files on your smartphones or tablets. There is a program designed for homes and small businesses that have up to 2 computers, and a different program that is for small business with 3-5 computers, but they both do the same thing. Carbonite has already worked for many different customers, why not let it work for you?

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HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield is an internet security and privacy solution. It protects users from online threats gives them their privacy so hackers can’t steal personal information such as credit card numbers. What the program does it create a Virtual Personal Network, also known as a VPN, between the user and an internet gateway, preventing other people from spying on the users internet activity. No one will have access to see what sites you went on, nor would they be able to see any information you entered in those sites. It protects the IP address, allowing users to surf anonymously so they can have a secure web session. It also helps to prevent malware attacks. There is also a WiFi security feature, so those people who are often connecting to public WiFi will want this program so that no one can snoop or hack their computer while they are in the WiFi Hotspot or in a public place like a hotel, etc. Also, it enables you to visit sites that may be blocked. For example, if you’re at school or at work and YouTube has been banned, using this program would allow you to visit the site, and no one would know. It also works well for people who are studying abroad and can’t access sites such as Netflix, because this software would allow you onto those sites. Hotspot Shield can be downloaded for free, or you can splurge for the Elite subscription, which will give you more protection.

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All information gotten from respective websites: McAfee, Carbonite, and HotSpot Shield.

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