10 Secrets You Should Know Before Recruitment

Welcome Potential New Member(s) (PNM) to 10 Secrets You Should Know Before Recruitment. This article will be a little different in that it will talk about the real and funny secrets of recruitment week and what collegians are really thinking throughout your recruitment.

1. Collegians Already Cannot Wait For The Week To Be Over

It’s not you, it’s us. We have been discussing recruitment for weeks and we’re just so tired of hearing about it.

10 Secrets You Should Know Before Recruitment

2. Collegians Are More Nervous Than You Think

If you thought you were nervous then you should see the collegians. They’re either shaking, ready to throw up or have the strange feeling they will poop their pants. No matter how many times we go through recruitment we’re still nervous. After all, your decision to join our organization depends on the impression we leave you with, so if you don’t have a good time talking to us you might not feel this is the right fit for you.

3. We Have Major Sweat Stains

This is a combination of running around getting things ready for each recruitment day and anxiety. We can’t stop it especially right before you are all about to walk in. So please ignore our posture as we try to hide this.

4. We Can’t Wait For Lunch

We’re human, we get hungry, especially if we have to be there all day. If we’re in the middle of a conversation with you odds are we are also thinking about the four different snacks we brought with us and the pizza we’re all gonna have after the day is over.

5. We Are All Regretting Our Choice Of Footwear

That tall, thin strappy heel was a good idea in our head but you’ll most likely be seeing us shift from one foot to the other the entire time. We’re secretly counting down the minutes until we can take them off. If we had it our way we would be sporting crocs.

10 Secrets You Should Know Before Recruitment

6. We’ve Already Forgotten Your Name, Even Though You Told Us 4 Minutes Ago

This is not your fault, it does not mean you are doing anything wrong. We have to remember many names throughout the days of recruitment and if you’ve got the same name as someone else, well pray for us. We will, however, subtly and quickly try to look at your name tag, but please don’t think we are looking at your chest. And even after looking at your name tag we will still forget. We’ll most likely refer to you as the girl in the blue blouse or the girl whose eyeliner could cut.

7. While You Are Talking To Us We’re Actually Thinking About What To Ask You Next

We have a hard time having conversations too and so, we sometimes resort to asking you basic questions like “what’s your favorite food?” We are trying, so please engage with us and ask us questions in return, it will show us you are trying just as much.

8. Wardrobe Malfunctions Literally 20 Minutes Before The Event

Imagine this: we’re taking pictures with our sisters, laughing, having a great time when one of the back of our dresses somehow rips and now we’re all panicking. Next thing you know there’s two sisters safety pinning the dress back together while others look for a cardigan and some even going back to their dorms to pick one up. But that’s what we love about sisterhood, we are all in it together!

9. We Don’t All Like The Theme

We may not all agree with the recruitment theme and outfits but we will still support the recruitment chairwoman and her decisions because it is what sisters do.

10. If Singing Is Involved You Bet We’re Singing Our Hearts Out

There’s nothing like 50+ equally bad voices coming together and trying to harmonize. but our dance moves are sick though.

10 Secrets You Should Know Before Recruitment

Are you going through recruitment this fall? Are you excited? nervous? Comment below and don’t forget to have fun!

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