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7 Secrets To Writing The Best Cover Letter

7 Secrets To Writing The Best Cover Letter

If you're looking to write the best cover letter for a job you're dying to get, these are the best simple cover letter tips you need to try.

Searching for a job can be a long and difficult process. Whether you have years of experience or are just entering the workforce, a cover letter can be the difference between landing an interviewing or prolonging your LinkedIn search history. Employers want to see your resume but they also want to know how you define yourself. Here are some secrets to writing the best cover letter:

1. Summarize Some Qualities

You have a lot to offer and this is your chance to highlight some of your best qualities in the cover letter. Are you extremely organized or do you read must faster than most of your peers? If so, consider incorporating some of these traits in the cover letter and give examples of how these skills will be valuable for the job you’re applying to.

2. Leave Space For Contact

Instead of simply signing your name, follow the same rules as the opening of the cover letter. Provide all contact info you are comfortable sharing to increase your chances of being selected for an interview. Having a phone number and email address readily available saves employers a lot of researching and shows that you are open to talking with them.


3. Proofread & Proofread Some More

The cover letter is your first opportunity to put your best foot forward and nothing slashes your employment chances more than careless mistakes. The best cover letter is usually writing in 12 pt. Times New Roman font that way reading is a smooth process. Sometimes it seems easier to copy and paste a cover letter template but this can lead to applying for an assistant position with a cover letter dated from 2016 because that was the last time you applied for a job. The secret to avoiding errors is to review the specifics of the job. Make sure the position title is listed correctly and that your letter is typo free. Taking the extra time to proofread instead of relying on spell check will demonstrate attention to detail and that is a quality every employer looks for!

4. Cover Letter vs. Statement of Intent

Even though these terms are used interchangeably, it is important to note their differences. A statement of interest contains details about the company itself and your interest in working with them in an open position. However, a cover letter is an address outlining your personal attributes that could benefit a specific position within the company. Most companies ask for a cover letter because they have posted an application for a certain position and want to hear more about the applicant.

5. Answer Their Questions

In an effort to avoid getting generic cover letters, some companies will list particular questions to be answered in the letter. This a sort of “test” to see if the applicant is diligently reading the entire job description and it shows that you are good at following directions. Whether they want to know your desired salary range or what your favorite social media platforms are, be sure to answer the employers’ requests. If their questions are ignored, your cover letter will likely be discarded and you may miss out on a great opportunity!

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6. No Novels: Be Aware of Length

Although details make for an interesting cover letter, it is important to know that you are not the only applicant. If you spend half a page talking about all of your valuable qualities, it becomes an endless list that will take up more time than necessary. It is best to keep your cover letter limited to three paragraphs that do not go beyond one page. This provides a summary of possible contributions you could make to the company and leaves time to look at your resume as well.

7. Always End With Thanks

The secret to writing the best cover letter is to acknowledge that a company’s time is just as valuable as yours. Before signing your name, thank the hiring manager for taking the time to consider your application. This shows that you are being genuine in your job search and that you want to continue the conversation.

Finding a job is hard but remember to follow these steps to create your best cover letter and don’t give up!
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