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15 Secret Spots To Study Around Pitt

15 Secret Spots To Study Around Pitt

Come finals, that's when you venture out into campus to find that one place that will save your GPA. Here are 15 study spots around Pitt.

Make no mistake- come finals time it’s every man/woman for themselves. Sometimes your dorm just doesn’t cut it, and when the Hillman Library is filled with loud, distracting people (club Hillman), that’s when you venture out into campus to find that one place that will save your GPA. Here are 15 study spots around Pitt.

1. Nationality Rooms

While most Pitt panthers make a bee-line for the cathedral commons (for that alluring Hogwarts feeling), the ground floor of the cathedral can often become hot and crowded.

However, the nationality rooms offer a unique study place, after all they are classrooms. The nationality rooms are open during the day, as they are used for some classes.


Next time finals come around, pop into the one of the nationality rooms and set up shop; they’re great for group studying too, as long as you don’t mind the occasional tour group.

2. Honors College

The Honors College is known for a quiet studious atmosphere, and unlike the ground floor of the cathedral, it is generally lacking people. To top it off, if you need a break from your textbook you can gaze out the window and marvel at the beauty of Pitt’s campus and the surrounding Oakland area.


3. Frick Fine Arts Building

If you’re aesthetically driven like me, you will appreciate the gorgeous wooden bookshelves (not unlike the library in “Beauty and the Beast”) in the Frick Fine Arts building. Complete with a gallery and picturesque garden, the Frick Fine Arts building is one of the most beautiful spots on Pitt’s campus. There are also large wooden tables, plenty of space for your stacks of lecture notes and overpriced textbooks.


4. Carnegie Library

I know, I know. It says Carnegie, but the Carnegie Library should not be overlooked. Similar to Frick, the Carnegie library is equipped with large tables. The high ornate arches create a dramatic, serious atmosphere; you feel as though you just penned a rough draft of the Constitution.

5. Scaife Hall (Medical Library)

When you’re fed up with the Club Hillman and your chatty roommate, when you have two days until your biology final and you haven’t studied at all this semester, when you’re reaching out for the allusive sound of silence- the Scaife Library is for you. The Scaife Library is silent. Make a noise and you will face the wrath of med students.


6. Crazy Mocha

Crazy Mocha is a cozy coffee shop off Forbes Avenue. Not only is it surrounded by tons of restaurants, Crazy Mocha has a plenty of table space. Grab a latte and take seat at the window. While you admire the coca cola mural across the street, you can plug your laptop into one of the several outlets under the table.  

7. Alumni Hall Atrium

Yes, Alumni Hall is not only home to the office of admissions and financial aid, but it also holds a cavernous ballroom with spacious tables and large windows on the third floor atrium. The chandeliers hanging from the ceiling make you feel like you’re lounging in a luxurious hotel, which is a bonus.


8. William Pitt Union

It’s the end of the day, you’re phone and laptop are on the verge of death, but you still need to write that history paper. This is when you walk to William Pitt Union. The fifth floor of the union is blessed with outlets and comfy couches to lounge on. Group project? No problem, the fifth floor is spacious with large desks to accommodate group work. What’s the catch? Student organizations and clubs often meet in William Pitt Union, so there is also a constant risk of getting kicked out for the chess club meeting.

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9. Posvar Hall

Einstein Bagels, need I say more? Many people utilize the tables around Einstein’s bagels, but they often overlook the spacious classrooms that are located on the upper levels of the building. Classrooms are conveniently left unlocked after they dismiss. Group study sesh? Snag a classroom in Posvar where you’ll have access to whiteboards as well.

10. The Cathedral lounge (third floor)

Cathy never lets us down. On the third floor of the cathedral there is the college of general studies lounge with comfy sofas. Try not to fall asleep, as it is consistently warm even in the dead of winter. So when it’s February and you’re questioning your life, skip the cathedral commons and warm up in on the third floor lounge.


11. Benedum

Another effective study spot is Benedum Engineering library. Not only can you study at the library, but empty classrooms are another option if you need to be secluded to study. Plus another Einsteins! Who doesn’t love bagels!

 12. Barco Library

Home to many law students, the Barco Law Library is a solid study space in. Similar to Scaife this is not an ideal group study spot. Don’t disturb the law students. 

 13. Schenley Plaza

Pitt is gorgeous in the spring/summer. Schenely Plaza has adequate seating and is a great spot to study. Study for that chem final in view of the cathedral, or take a break and get some bubble tea. 


14. Market Central

Contrary to meal times, the Market Central is usually vacant. While this may not be the best study spot (especially if you’re trying to avoid the freshmen 15), the Market is open late unlike some of the smaller libraries on campus. Also once you use a dining swipe you can stay all day and never go hungry.


15. The Pete

For those of you on upper campus (myself included), the Peterson Event Center is great alternative to dragging yourself across campus. The Pete has a food court with large tables perfect for spreading out and getting work done.

Do you know any other good study spots at Pitt? Let us know down below!
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