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10 Secret Spots In Miami Worth Checking Out This Summer

Known for its beaches, Miami lives within a wild buzz throughout the summer. Because of this, tourists from all over the world go to South Beach and will look for every restaurant to get a taste of Miami. Here are some secret spots in Miami to try out that will ensure you a taste of the city and give you a new sense of spirit.

1. Greenstreet Café

Located near the shore in the heart of Coconut Grove, Greenstreet Café is one of my personal favorite spots in Miami to get a nice breakfast of French toast. Right next to Greenstreet Café, you can explore Cocowalk and the numerous parks nearby. Coming here, not only will you have an amazing breakfast (especially if you sit outside and enjoy the view), but you will have tons of activities to do right after if you so choose.

2. The Sushi Bar Japanese Café

Located on Sunset and 87th Avenue, The Sushi Bar Japanese Café is one of my personal favorites to calm down in my lunch break. Here, you have an amazing staff that is super polite and will give you tons of advice on what to order based on your style. Along with that, they make the sushi directly in front of you and you are in awe at the skill presented. Each menu item is named after customers who were notable to the employees of this café, so each menu item is very personal and has a special touch that you will never miss.

3. Rusty Pelican

The Rusty Pelican is a restaurant located at the beginning of Key Biscayne that will make you swoon just from the view, especially since it is a place where many people hold weddings. It is a very simple restaurant that has fresh seafood awaiting your taste buds. All of this is complementing with the fresh air of the ocean and the lovely service you receive.

4. Taco Genius

Right in the middle of Sunset Place you will find Taco Genius. This taco stand not only has spectacular service, but you will also get fresh tacos made in front of you. If you’re looking for vegan or dairy-free spots in Miami, this taco stand has vegan and dairy-free options, which I found significant because I was able to order my personal favorite, steak tacos, with dairy-free cheese melted on top of it. Also, as soon as you are done eating, you have the entire mall at your hands to walk around.

5. Tea & Poets

Ironically, this hipster spot is located across from Taco Genius in Sunset Place. The moment you enter this shop, you will notice the immaculate design all around and the comfortable spots for you and your friends to enjoy some fresh tea at. Tea & Poets has tons of different options of tea to try (My personal favorite being the Chocolate Mountain) and has tons of live performances weekly to elevate your experience there.

6. Miyako At Dadeland

Miyako is located near Dadeland Mall in a small shopping center, and though it may be small and unnoticeable, that place is culturally brilliant. All the staff members there wear kimonos and are usually from Japan themselves, and all the food made there has a special scent of quality that you won’t find at any regular Japanese spots in Miami. Even though it may be basic, my favorite dish here is the volcano roll because Miyako’s presentation and taste just blows my mind with its elevated flavor profile.

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7. Jamaica Kitchen

Located right next to the Sushi Bar Japanese Café on Sunset and 87th Avenue, Jamaica Kitchen never fails me with their famous Jamaican patties. Though this place may be small, you will find all aspects of Jamaican culture here and can even purchase general entrees originated in Jamaica and find tons of tea blends to experiment with.

8. The Habit Burger Grill

Here’s a taste of some classic California made in Miami-style! The Habit Burger Grill brings on another level of richness even though it is a fast-food burger spot. My personal favorite here is the Santa Barbara Charburger with a Strawberry Malt. This place is phenomenal because I never have had such quality service brought out to me in under five minutes. If you want some classic American burgers brought to you with amazing service and in quick time, stop by this place located on West Flagler Street near 97th Avenue.

9. DragonFly Izakaya & Fish Market

DragonFly is a quality hipster spot to grab some Japanese food with amazing service. It is in a small shopping mall in Doral and it has amazing traditional cuisine with distinct flavors that make you never want to stop eating. Along with that, it is a serene environment known for its Happy Hour after a long day at work.

10. Amsterdam Falafelshop

Last but not certainly not least, Amsterdam Falafelshop is an amazing falafel place located near Sunset Place that not only serves quality food in front of you but also gives you an entire row of condiments of your choice to put in your falafel bowl or sandwich. One of the highlights of this place for me is that I can always rely on it for a late-night snack since it is open some nights until 3 a.m. and that it also always fills me up.

What did you think of these secret spots in Miami? Do you have any additions to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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