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Secret Homework Tips To Help You Get Through Those Long Study Nights

Secret Homework Tips To Help You Get Through Those Long Study Nights

I think we all have been through those long study nights. Forcing yourself to stay up is why having great homework tips can turn a long stressful night doing homework into something worthwhile. You don’t have to suffer while getting through your homework; you can try to make it fun and exciting, with a little bit of coffee that is. Here are some secrete homework tips to help you get through those long study nights.

1. Coffee. Coffee. And Coffee

Usually, I don’t condone drinking caffeine at night, but for the sake of giving you homework tips that’ll work, why the fuck not. Coffee allows you to stay awake for a reasonable amount of time, that is if you drink a certain amount of it. You want to be alert right; well try drinking a mug or two during breaks. If you ever feel your eyelids giving up on you, then charge towards the kitchen and make yourself a brew. Hey, at least it’s better than trying to wing it after a long day at school and an exam hanging above your head. There are worst ways to spend a Monday night, trust me.


2. Take the Necessary Breaks 

Speaking of spending a Monday night doing homework, I always fall into the habit of taking small breaks every once and again. This way, I can recharge my batteries and get back to it when I’m ready. Breaks don’t have to be an hour, but perhaps 15 minutes. Go outside, think about what math problem is frustrating you, and come back with a recharged brain and extra motivation. Taking breaks is one of the best homework tips you’ll ever have the pleasure of hearing from someone, or in this case reading.

3. Read Smart, Not dumb

Speaking of reading, how come so many students rush through their reading assignments? Reading takes time and effort. You don’t want to be that student in class when after rushing through his or her reading homework they forget about everything the next day. Don’t be the one who thinks they got all the answers after reading for just 3 to 7 minutes. Take your time, discuss what you learned with close friends or family, and get the most out of your reading.

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4. Don’t Let Anything Distract You 

In today’s world, it’s easy to become distracted while doing homework. Honestly, how difficult it is to focus on Math when Eleven from Stranger Things is lifting cars with her telekinesis? It’s damn near impossible to even finish any Math assignment with a scene distracting us. However, distractions can be a headache once you start looking at the clock. Procrastination is one of the worst crimes a student can ever make while in school, and it all begins with quickly becoming distracted. The only way to stop this is to turn everything off, close the door, and focus squarely on what’s in front of you. Out of all the homework tips on this list, this one may be the most important.

5. Go From Easy to Super Challenging 

You don’t want to start with Emily Dickinson and then go to Shakespeare’s most famous plays. A horrible example I know, but more people know Shakespeare than Dickinson, so you might as well start with what you know and go from there. Homework can be challenging when you don’t have that sudden burst of accomplishment. Trust me; it can be quite the slog trying to understand abstract math. Starting with the basics is the right move. Give yourself a little bit of breathing room first, then go for the home run.


Are you a homework god or are you a procrastinator for life? Comment below and be sure to share this. Until next time. 

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