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Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones

Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones

Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones

This spring, take advantage of the beautiful seasonal flowers and surprise your best friends, parents, or partner(s) with a bunch! Flowers are such a nice treat for your loved ones — they always brighten up a room and, personally, make me happy every time I see or smell them. As well as smelling and looking wonderful, these perishable gifts are great in this minimalistic Marie Kondo era. Not everybody wants to receive a decorative gift because they may not want the clutter, some people may not want wine because they may not drink, and scented candles can be too heavily-scented for people and may cause allergies — flowers are a great solution! However flowers can also cause allergies, so make sure you know who you are giving them to!


Tulips always look so fresh, happy, and colourful. Their simplicity makes them easy to gift and are not ostentatious. They will look wonderful in any vase in any kitchen. Buy several different colours and mix them up if you want to give them to a few different people!

Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones


Of course roses are meaningful flowers to gift. If you can find fresh ones they will open to reveal layers and layers of petals! They come in many different colours which are appropriate for different occasions so make sure to buy the right colour so you are not sending the wrong message. You may want to save the red ones for that special someone you are passionately in love with. Of course, you can ignore all that and buy the colour the receiver likes most! Just include a card if there are any chances of misunderstanding.


Peonies are stunning in such an understated way. The petals look so chilled out that they can just unfurl and curl in their own way and they always rock the look gracefully. Treat your loved ones with a bunch of pretty pink peonies and you will be gifting them the joy of watching them open for the next few days!


These little yellow flowers can bloom boomingly on bushes and look oh so sunny! Gifting a bunch of these is just like gifting thousands of little suns to light up your loved ones’ lives. Gathered together, these flowers appear as a shock of yellow which look beautiful against some lush green leaves.

Sweet Peas

These delicate flowers look like they are fluttering in the air. The colours can be intense or pale but either way, they look delightful when the sunlight filters through them. Arrange a bunch wrapped in brown paper and it will look like you are gifting a flurry of confetti!

Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones

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These delicate flowers come with beautiful green buds and rich green leaves. Take time to enjoy the way the wispy flowers look against the bright green colours. They are sure to make the receivers morning routine a little more special.


These scattered star-like blue flowers will be perfect for your sparkling best friend. Show them how special they are to you by surprising them with a bunch of these lovely flowers. The tiny size of these flowers can serve as a reminder for you to slow down to appreciate the little things in life.


These pom pom flowers are so much fun and look like the were freshly picked from a Dr. Seuss book! They look soft and fluffy and good enough to eat. Gift these to the friend who brings out the kid in you and together you can figure out which flavour each of them would be if they were marshmallows.

Seasonal Flowers To Gift Loved Ones

Flowers are a luxurious little treat that everyone should have a chance to receive every once in awhile even if they a simple “just because” gift. They can make the receiver feel special, appreciated, and loved. Although they won’t last more than a week, they will brighten up that week for those people you love. If someone in your life needs a little pick me up or you just want to make them feel good and happy, surprise them with one of these Summer blooms!

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