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Do you love UVA? Read this article for why the University of Virginia is the best school on Earth! Wahoowa all you UVA students!

20 Reasons Why UVA Is The Best School On Earth

If you’re an alum or current student at UVA, you know it’s hard to list all the reasons UVA is an incredible school. That’s because, how could you ever choose just 20? Besides…

Since Ohio State is a huge school, it’s easy to lose your way. But with the right guidance and a list of things to do, you'll be fine!

20 Things The Incoming Ohio State Class Needs To Know

When you’re about to experience college for the first time, it can be overwhelming. Since Ohio State is a huge school, it’s easy to lose your way and get confused about many…

If you're thinking about going to school at Rutgers University, then these are the reasons why I chose to spend my four years there, and absolutely loved it.

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To Rutgers University

For most people, Rutgers starts out as a school they are tentative about, whether it be because of the size, the distance, or the new experience of college itself. It can be…

If you're a Drexel University student, then you understand what the day to day campus life is at Drexel. Here's what you probably ask yourself walking to class everyday.

10 Things Every Drexel University Student Asks Themselves

Every college has there flaws, including Drexel. If you’re a Drexel University student and are looking for some relatable humor, then these are things you probably ask yourself everyday walking though DU’s…

If you're an incoming freshman or a current freshman at the University of Louisville, then these are the most common mistakes you'll fun into as a first year student.

20 Mistakes Freshmen At The University Of Louisville Makes

For some reason, freshmen seem to be terribly informed about everything the University of Louisville has to offer. There is so much that freshmen, not just at University of Louisville, but at…

If you're a student who's about to attend the University of Utah, then these are the people you can expect to run into everyday when walking around campus!

10 People You’ll Always Run Into At The University Of Utah

College campuses everywhere are like a big melting pot. Each campus is different from one another, and they are basically just mix of different cultures, people, and events. If you ever decide…