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10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

You run to the mailbox, heart racing, and tear open a thick envelope from the school you have stalked intensely for the past year. You made it, you got in!

Getting admitted to your dream school feels like flying – knowing all your hard work got you an amazing opportunity. For many, the price tag tacked onto a college tuition can be intimidating and force their hand to choose the most economic option.

Scholarships and grants are a great way to graduate from high school without impending fear of loans and lifelong payments. They can make college much more wallet-friendly, and save you and your parents a severe headache.


Here are a 1o types of scholarships you can apply for to cut down on cost and save you some stress.

10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

1. First-Generation Scholarships

If you’re the first in your family with plans to head to college, many universities offer first-generation scholarships. For first-generation students going through college without the guidance of a graduate can induce anxiety. These scholarships help lessen the burden.


2. Leadership Scholarships

Were you the cheer captain, debate team president or founder of the poetry club? These scholarships are designed for leaders – they hope to bring your go getter attitude onto their campus, and admire your initiative!

10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

3. Athletic Scholarships

Most schools prize their athletic program and want the best student athletes around. If you have athletic accomplishments and want to continue playing, you’re likely to be recruited for specific schools – and given a generous scholarship. Don’t bank on this, as each school varies.


4. Minority Scholarships

If you’re an ethnic, racial  or religious minority there are a wealth of scholarships available through private companies, and even by university at times. Most colleges prize diversity and want to offer opportunities for a variety of voices to be heard on campus.

5. Scholarships by State

Heading away from home makes you jittery – and you need to have your moms pancakes at least once a month to maintain sanity. You don’t need outstanding grades or an impressive resume to get in-state tuition, which can cut costs of the university in half. Stay away from private universities though – no matter your locale state tuition isn’t valid.

6. Scholarships by Major

Ready to pursue the career of your dreams? No matter the field, there are a wealth of specific scholarships designed to help you pursue your desired path.

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7. College-Specific Scholarships

Some universities pass out scholarships for a variety of reasons – some unknown. Usually a combination of an impressive resume, killer personal essay and a sky high GPA will prompt the university to entice you to attend their school. Nothing says welcome like slashing tuition!

8. Women’s College Scholarships

There is a wealth of women’s scholarships available – usually funded by companies hoping to encourage equal opportunity for females. Especially for women hoping to pursue a field in science or math, make sure to scour for some scholarships.


10 Scholarships For Freshmen That Will Help You Afford College

9. Company-Sponsored Scholarships

Whether a small local business or company as extensive as Google, take a peek into businesses unique scholarships. If you’re pursuing computer science there are many tech companies hoping to help you along!

10. Scholarships Contests

Last, but certainly not least. Get ready to crank out a whole lot of essays on a variety of topics. If you’re not a great writer these might be a bit harder to score, but there’s no loss in trying! Use your life experiences and stories of personal growth to show that you deserve a scholarship.

What scholarship helped you to afford college? Comment yours down below.
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