10 Scholarship Search Engines Every Student Should Use

Paying for college can be daunting, especially with the growing tuition rates. In the past, students would have to dig through books and do a lot of groundwork to find and apply for scholarships to help cover college costs. Thankfully, with the help of technology, there are a lot of scholarship search engines that help personalize your scholarship search to help you find the perfect scholarships for your education.

1. Fastweb

Fastweb is one of the best scholarship search engines that has a variety of other resources for making your college career a success. Fill out your entire profile to get the most personalized scholarship matches for you. The website also has a variety of articles featuring tips and career planning resources such as an internship search and a database of part-time jobs.


As its name suggests, this website is most known for its scholarship search and database. However, like Fastweb, they offer more than just scholarships. They have a college search tool that allows users to find out tuition and other essentials about colleges they are interested in applying to. They also have a variety of articles with news and college tips.

3. Niche

Niche has a scholarship database, but it is known for its school and neighborhood rankings. These sources can help you ensure that you are going to the best school for you and that the school is in a good neighborhood. The scholarships are organized by personal matches and category. The site also has an admissions calculator, so you will know how much money you need to aim for.

4. Unigo

Unigo is a website known for its college reviews, college matches, and scholarship database. The site also has articles with college advice, from admissions to student life. The scholarship database is broken up into various categories, from merit-based and minority scholarships to athletic scholarships and a general search.

5. Cappex

Cappex is a scholarship database that has a matching service that pairs you to the scholarships that fit you and your strengths. Like many other sites, it has articles that offer advice to students. The site is unique in that it has its own college application that allows students to apply to their partner colleges for free, regardless of how many applications they submit.

6. Scholarship Monkey

Unlike other scholarship search engines, Scholarship Monkey is a site solely focused on matching students to scholarships that fit them. The site matches students using data like state, major, and other factors. It also has a general list of scholarships. The site is more basic and straightforward than other sites that have a variety of other resources.

7. iGrad

iGrad is a financial health website that helps college students of all levels as well as grads. It is offered through a variety of colleges and universities, including Temple University. It is primarily a tool that offers financial advice in the form of articles, videos, and courses, but it offers a bunch of other tools, including a scholarship matching tool.

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8. FinAid

FinAid is a website that offers scholarship advice and matches for students. It has information about how to find scholarships and the information needed about the taxes related to scholarships. The site has a list of resources that matches students to scholarships that they are eligible for. They also have a list of other sources of financial aid for students to look into.

9. College Board

While The College Board is mostly known for being the resource for SAT scheduling, AP student resources, and college admission, they also have a scholarship database. They have a profile for users to fill out that matches them with the scholarships they are most likely to qualify for and get based on a wide variety of factors.

10. Chegg

Chegg is known for their inexpensive textbooks and online tutoring, but they also have a wide variety of other resources for college students, including an internship search and scholarship database. Their scholarships are listed, and once you set up an account, you can save filters and find scholarship matches that fit you.

What scholarship search engines have you found? Share them in the comments below!

Ashley Paskill

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