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Scents For Your Dorm That Will Put You At Ease

Scents For Your Dorm That Will Put You At Ease

As a Bath and Bodyworks fanatic, I’ve experimented with a lot of different dorm scents. It took a while to sort out the good ones from those that were overpowering, underwhelming, or just plain foul. After testing out countless candles (shh, don’t tell my school!), wall plug-ins, and essential oils, I can confidently recommend this list of dorm scents. If you want a fresh smelling dorm room, you’ve come to the right place.


1. Bath and Bodyworks Fresh Balsam 

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I have this scent both as a candle and as a Wallflower plug-in. That’s how much I love it. Some balsam fragrances can smell very artificial, but Bath and Bodyworks Fresh Balsam will transport you straight into the forest. The notes of balsam and pine are super fresh, while not nauseatingly powerful. For me, this is also such a nostalgic scent. I always think of Christmas trees when I have either my candle or Wallflower running. That said, light this/plug this/spray this during the holiday season—it will totally fit the winter vibe. 

2. Homesick Candles

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Needless to say, Homesick Candles are perfect for when you’re feeling…well, homesick. College can be tough, especially if you go to a school that’s far from your hometown. If you ever find yourself missing home, just light the candle that’s associated with your state. My friend gifted me the Connecticut one and I’m obsessed. Though I don’t technically live in Connecticut, I go to school there, so it’s nice to light it when I’m back home and missing life on campus. Each fragrance is meant to capture the essence of its given state; Massachusetts, for example, smells unmistakably like Dunkin Donuts coffee and apple cider. For those that can’t have candles in their dorms, Homesick also makes aromas for reed diffusers!


3. Lavender Vanilla Wallflower 

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If you’re on a student budget, I’m going to let you in on a money-saving secret. Instead of splurging on massive three-wick candles, buy Wallflowers instead. A single Wallflower pod never exceeds $7.50. Plus, they last a while. I’ve accidentally left several Wallflowers in my room overnight and they hardly drained out. The fragrance that Wallflowers pump out also seems to stick around longer than the fragrance from a candle does. The Bath and Bodyworks Lavender Vanilla Wallflower is especially long lasting, from my experience. I stuck my Lavender Vanilla Wallflower in for a couple of hours, and just like that, the scent was everywhere. It lingered in my room for a few days, without it being too potent. Careful, though: pets are usually sensitive to Wallflowers, so consider that before purchasing one.

4. Everspring Citrus and Basil Room Spray 

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If you want even more bang for your buck, get the Everspring Citrus and Basil room spray for just $4.49. In my opinion, dorm scents that come in massive bottles are often too overpowering. The Everspring Citrus and Basil spray, on the other hand, is subtle yet effective. I don’t often go for citrus scents, but the basil lured me into buying this spray. Little did I know, citrus and basil are an amazing scent duo. The effect of the room spray is a clean, simple fragrance, perfect for any dorm room (or bathroom, as that’s where mine stayed). This brand is super easy to find at Target! Did I mention that it’s cruelty free, too?

5. Cereal Candles

Yes, you read that right. My cereal candles are the best dorm scents I own. I couldn’t find a picture to capture its beauty, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Basically, the candle is milk white and held in a plastic bowl. The decorations are what makes it: on the top are wax Fruit Loops and a literal spoon. The scent is on point to the classic breakfast food. Not only does it smell delicious, but it also makes for the perfect dorm decoration. I never light mine, partly because the fragrance is powerful enough on its own, and also because it’s too precious to ruin. 

6. P&J Trading Store Autumn Essential Oil

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Boy, that was a mouthful. In all seriousness, my P&J Trading Store Autumn Essential Oils are all that I’ll ever put into my diffuser. They’re staple dorm scents for the fall, with aromas ranging from harvest spice to green apple. My favorite in the six pack is the brown sugar oil. Whenever I put it on, my roommates think I’m baking cinnamon rolls. It isn’t sickly sweet, but the perfect amount of sugar spiciness to leave your room smelling great. Snickerdoodle and vanilla are also stand-outs in this pack. Those two scents can be used throughout the year, though they’re the most comforting in the fall and winter. You can find this six pack of oils on Amazon, and check out the other fragrances P&J created! There’s a lot more to choose from. 

7. Bath and Bodyworks Fresh Linen

Some days college students are too tired to do their laundry. I get that. I’ve been there. To mask the fact that you’re three weeks behind you’re laundry schedule, you should light your Bath and Bodyworks Fresh Linen candle. No one will know about the massive pile of socks underneath your bed, or the dress that still reeks of sweat and beer. With the Fresh Linen candle, all bad odors are immediately erased. People will compliment you on how fresh your dorm smells, and how you must have to clean it everyday to give it that aroma. Little do they know that it’s just one candle doing all of the work. You don’t even have to lift a finger (except to light it, that is). 

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8. Fresh Flowers

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You and your dorm room deserve a treat. Buy yourself flowers! Fresh flowers will liven up your space while simultaneously making it smell like a garden. Like I said before, a lot of candles and oils can smell very artificial. Flowers always guarantee a fresh scent, so long as you can keep them alive. Throw them into a pretty vase, and voilà! You’ve got yourself an au naturel candle and a dorm decoration.



There you have it: my abridged list of all my favorite dorm scents. I cannot STAND having a messy or stale-popcorn-slash-old-Doordash-smelling dorm room, so these are all lifesavers. You’ll thank me later when your roommate leaves their dirty laundry lying around.

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