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Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

Whether you’re visiting or are a Los Angeles native, there are a few scenic spots that you should definitely check out. From the beach to the mountains, these views are breathtaking. Here are a few good places to relax and enjoy all that LA has to offer.

Point Dume

Point Dume is located in Malibu, and is a great place to take a day trip to. A cliff that directly overlooks the ocean, it offers stunning views of Malibu. There’s a trail that wraps around it’s entirety, so you can easily hike to a spot that suits you. There’s a wooden seating area on the left side of the cliff facing the ocean that is a great photo opportunity, but my personal recommendation is setting up camp on the rocks at the forefront of the point. Spend a day at neighboring Zuma Beach and stop by Point Dume for a spectacular sunset, then get dinner at the cafe that lies next to it. It’s a great way to spend a Summer day and will give you the beachy Malibu vibes you’re looking for. You won’t be disappointed.

Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory

If you’re searching for a lookout point, Griffith Observatory is a great place to be. Located on the East side of LA, it showcases Los Angeles from the top of a mountain in all of it’s glory. Come here during the day and take a look at what the actual observatory has to offer, have a picnic on the grass, and enjoy the breathtaking views. Or visit at night (it’s open until the reasonable hour of 10 pm) and spend some time under the stars with an SO or friends. Looking at LA when it’s dark out is an experience you won’t want to miss out on. The city looks otherworldly, especially from that far up. Head to Griffith Observatory for an unforgettable experience.

Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

Palisades Bluffs

Pacific Palisades is a small suburb nestled between Santa Monica and Malibu. It has some breathtaking views; if you find the right spot. There are two bluffs that lie on either side of Temescal Canyon, both overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Benches, swings, and areas to walk are available on both sides. Personally, I recommend the one to the right, which sits next to Palisades High School. Come here for sunset, or if you want to take a break from the business of the city for an hour or two. A great place for dates or just to hang with friends, the bluffs are an LA staple you won’t want to miss out on.

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US Bank Tower

This iconic LA building offers an interactive observational experience that may surpass all others; all for just $8. OUE Skyspace offers a multitude of things to enhance your time. Once you get to the top, engage with interactive technology to uncover hidden facts that promise to make the view even better. Perhaps the most fun part of the experience presents itself in the 45 foot, fully enclosed glass slide that wraps around the building. Ride almost a whopping 1,000 feet above Downtown LA and look at the city from a new perspective. The Skyspace Bar offers a variety of signature cocktails, beers, and wine (for those of you over 21). Or, if you’re just looking to soak up the sun, simply enjoy 365 degree views from California’s tallest open-air observation deck and take a look at LA’s most iconic landmarks.

Scenic Spots To Go To In Los Angeles

These are only a few (but some of the very best) scenic spots that Los Angeles has to offer. Know of any other hidden gems in LA? Comment which are your favorite below!

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