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20 Scary Snacks You Need To Make For Halloween

20 Scary Snacks You Need To Make For Halloween

When you set your mind on throwing a Halloween party everything needs to be in theme. And the snacks are not less! We decided to help you a little bit and show you some scary snacks you can make to spook out your friends and family while pleasing their stomachs! The best part about these treats is that they can also be kid-friendly so you can share them with the little ones too.

1. Little Bats

These little bats are super easy to make, with a few ingredients and the result ends up being really cute. To make these scary snacks you will need to get miniature Reese’s cups, Oreo cookies, frosting that can be store-bought or homemade and edible eyes. To assembly start by removing the wraps from your Reeses cups and separating your Oreos in two. Break each Oreo cookie in half to create the bat wings, you will be able to get four wings from each cookie. Pipe a bit of frosting on the back of the Oreo cookie and attach it to the Reeses cups, do the same with the edible eyes and there you have your little bats ready to be eaten!


2. Monster Munch

Full of color this scary snack is great to put in a spooky bowl to make it look like a witch just left her creations on her cauldron. To make this monster munch you will only need some candy melts in shades of black, purple, orange, green and white, Puffcorns you can get at the store and some sprinkles. Start by dividing your Puffcorns into five different bowls, then melt the candy melts and pour each color on one of the five bowls until all the Puffcorns are well coated. Sprinkle them to give them an extra touch! You can even add some edible candy eyes to get a scarier monster munch. Mix all the different colors of the already coated Puffcorns into the same bowl and enjoy.

3. Chocolate Covered Pretzel Pumpkins

These little treats are super cute and taste really delicious. And a big plus they are easy to make which will save you time if you have a big party. You can also make this and put a few in a bag to give to kids when they knock on your door. To make these just get a bag of white melting chocolate, mini-pretzels, small semi-sweet chocolate chips, orange sprinkles and green and orange food coloring. Start by melting your white chocolate and dividing it in a big and a small bowl. Add orange food coloring to the big bowl with the melted chocolate and green to the smaller one. Now dip the small pretzels into the orange melted chocolate and place them over some wax paper, sprinkle them with the orange sprinkles and add a semi-sweet chocolate chip to make the steam. Finish these little pumpkins by adding a bit of the green chocolate to simulate a leaf.


4. Ghost Meringues

We can’t decide if theses ghosts are friendly or scary, but we can agree they are definitely delicious! These scary snacks are so easy to make, and the best part is that you will only be needing really few ingredients. Start by getting a few egg whites and beating them until they become frothy. When this has happened, and little bubbles start appearing add small amounts of sugar while still beating. Add some cream tartar until and mix until the mixture becomes stiff. Put the mixture in a piping bag and press the meringue, lifting up and pressing down to create the different layers of your ghost. Bake them until a little brown, when they have cooled down add the face details, that can be as silly or as scary as you want, with black gel frosting.


5. Mummy Hot Dogs

This mummy hot dogs are a great choice when you want to serve small bites of a salty dish at a party or to make them or a Halloween weeknight as a dinner. They are super fun and delicious and kids couldn’t love them more! For making these scary snacks you will need to have a pack of beef hot dogs, a package of crescent rolls and ketchup or mustard of your choice. Start by rolling the crescent rolls dough as much as you can and cut it into strips that have around a quarter-inch wide. Take your hot dogs and wrap them with the dough strips to make them look as if the hot dog was the mummy’s body and the dough the fabric strips. Leave a tiny space to make the face and bake the mummy hot dogs for approximately 18 minutes. When ready and cooled down, add some dots of ketchup or mustard to make the mummy’s eyes.

6. Monster Eyeballs

These Rice Krispies treats resemble a monster’s eye that has been lost and now served at your table. These scary snacks are super easy to make, and they are also really delicious. To start with the monster eyeballs, you just need to get some Rice Krispies cereal, butter, marshmallows, candy eyes and food coloring in your favorite monstrous colors. Heat the butter in a medium pan and add the marshmallows until they are completely melted. When the marshmallows are melted add the cereal and mix until it’s a well-combined mixture. Then divide the Rice Krispies mixture in as many colors as you want and add the food coloring. After the mixture has been dyed, form some balls to make the eyeballs and place a big candy eye to get your monster eyeballs ready!


7. Graveyard Brownies

This graveyard brownies are to die for! These scary snacks are really delicious and rich with chocolate flavor, plus they look great at any Halloween party. To make this start by getting your brownies to bake, you can use your own recipe, get an already prepared batter or buy some from the store, Milano cookies, candy pumpkins, black decorating gel and green buttercream frosting.  Cut your already baked brownies in squares and have your Milano cookies ready with the letters RIP written on top of them using the black decorating gel. Then take the Milano cookie and insert it in the brownie to make it look like a headstone, add some green frosting around to simulate grass and the pumpkin candies to finish decorating the brownies. You now have your own graveyards ready to be eaten!


8. Dirty Q-Tip Treats

Some people like adding a bit more realistic Halloween treats to their menu and if you are one of those this Dirty Q-Tip Treats are going to be your sweet of choice. Don’t be worry they are not dirty at all, on the contrary, they couldn’t be tastier! To make this be sure to get some mini marshmallows, sucker sticks or Q-Tips and Kraft caramels. If you decided to go with the Q-Tips start by cutting off the ends of the Q-Tips. When this step is done insert a marshmallow on the Q-Tips or sucker sticks one on each side. Melt the Kraft caramels in the microwave and slightly deep the marshmallow on it to simulate earwax. Be sure to display them with the Q-Tip box to have an extra fun touch!

9. Pretzel And Cheese Broomsticks

Witches are always a big guest at any Halloween party and yours should not be any indifferent to this fact. And while you might not have the real witches coming over, you can make some pretzel and cheese broomsticks to have their presence. To make these snacks you will need to get some cheese strings, pretzel sticks, and optional chives. Start by dividing each cheese string in three each third should be spread apart into thin strands to make it look like a broomstick end. Attach a pretzel stick to this broomstick cheese end and to give it an extra touch you can wrap some skinny chives around the cheese to add a cute touch to it. Now enjoy your personal witch broomsticks!


10. Strawberry Chocolate Characters

Get ready to be creative, monstrous and have lots of fun while doing these chocolate-covered strawberries that can be turned into your favorite Halloween character. For these scary snacks, you will just need to have some melting chocolate, preferable white if you want to dye it, candy eyes, fresh strawberries, food coloring and whatever kind of sprinkles you want to add. Start by melting the chocolate and dyeing it with the colors of the monsters you want to create. When ready dip the strawberries until they are completely covered and place them on some parchment paper. Proceed to add any details needed and there you have your own monstrously tasty characters!


11. Marshmallow And Pretzel Skeletons

These marshmallow and pretzel skeletons are not only really good looking and easy to make but they are also a great idea to serve on a platter or to gift to the trick and treating little ones that knock on your door. To make these you will need to have marshmallow, white chocolate covered pretzels, lollipop sticks, and black decorating gel. Start by drawing your skeleton’s face with the black decorating gel over the marshmallow, once you got them done insert the fluffy treat on a lollipop stick. Then pick five pretzels layering them on through the lollipop stick to resemble the bones of the skeleton, add a smaller marshmallow to the end of the body to keep everything in place. And there you go! These friendly skeletons are done!

12. Voodoo Cookies

These little voodoo cookies are going to be the cutest item on your table! Be prepared to explore your most creative side to decorate these little guys. To make the voodoo cookies take out your favorite cookie recipe or buy ginger man-shaped cookies at a store. When you have your cookies ready start adding the details you want them to have with icing pens of different colors, include a heart, some stitched wounds, funny-looking eyes, buttons and whatever comes to your mind to make these voodoo cookies as cute or scary as you want.


13. Pumpkin Lollipops

Pumpkins are one of the main characters during Halloween season and a party during this time is no party without some pumpkin sweets. These pumpkin lollipops are really easy to make, you will just need to buy round orange lollipops, mini baking cups, you can get them with your favorite design and some stiff green royal icing. Start by putting a bit of the royal icing in the bottom of your mini baking cup and attaching the lollipop without the wrapper on it. Use the stiff green royal icing to add some detailing on top of the lollipop to make it look more like a pumpkin, and as easy as that you get these treats done in no time!


14. Witch Hats

Decorate your sweets table with some of these delicious witch hats. We promised that you are going to have to make lots because they are so easy and tasty your guests are going to go crazy over them. To make these scary snacks start by getting some fudge-covered cookies, Hershey’s kisses and frosting in your favorite Halloween colors. Take your fudge-covered cookies and attached a Hershey kiss on top of it with some icing to work as a glue. Pipe some icing around the hat to add some detailing and finish your witch hats!

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15. Frankenstein Wafer Cookies

Frankenstein is a classic monster of Halloween season and with these easy treats, you can add it to your table. To make this treats you will need sugar wafers of your favorite flavor, green candy melts, chocolate sprinkles, and candy eyeballs. Start by melting your green candy melts and dipping your wafers one by one in the melted candies to cover them up. When they are cover add the detailing with the sprinkles to create the hair and smiles and place the candy eyes to finish your little Frankenstein’s!

16. Serial Killer Cookies

Don’t panic, these cookies are safe to eat, just be careful you won’t be able to eat just one! Start by making your own cookie recipe or used a store-bought one, just be sure to make round cookies and getting some white royal icing, corn syrup, water, and red food coloring. When your cookies are cooled down used the white royal icing to cover the top of the cookies. Let the icing set for around five hours. After that time, heat the water with the sugar and corn syrup stirring it constantly. Add the red food coloring to create your blood looking sauce. Drizzle over your cookies while still hot and let it dry on top as if they were white walls splattered with blood!


17. Halloween Trifle

If you are having a small gathering or Halloween dinner this Trifle is spooky enough to add to your menu as a dessert. To start making this scary dessert you will need instant chocolate pudding, milk, box chocolate fudge cake, Halloween ghost Peeps, Halloween pumpkin Peeps, and candy corns. Start by preparing the chocolate fudge cake according to the box and allow it to cool once baked. While waiting, mix the pudding mixture with the milk and refrigerate them to set. Start by lining the bottom of your trifle dish with the ghost Peeps, then fill the center of it with pieces of your chocolate cake. After that, top it with some chocolate pudding, line some Halloween pumpkin Peeps on top of the pudding. Repeat the steps until you have reached the top of the trifle dish and finish it by adding some candy corns on top. Your guest will be dying to dig in!


18. Breadstick Rattlers

These not so friendly snakes are here to step up your breadstick game at any Halloween dinner party! To make these scary snacks start by buying some refrigerated pizza dough or making it yourself from scratch. Then roll it out and cut strips from the dough, use a chopstick to wrap the dough around in a spiral form to create the body of the rattler. Brush them with a little bit of olive oil and sprinkle sesame seeds on top. To make the eyes you can cut black olives in triangular form. Bake the breadstick rattlers for about 18 minutes and allow them to cool down a little before removing the chopstick. Add some dried chiles into tongue-shaped to the top of their heads. Be careful these snakes seem innocent, but they will make your mouth water!

19. Chocolate Monster Cookies

These little chocolate monsters are so cute you are not going to be able to decide if you can eat them up. To make this get your favorite chocolate cookies or bake them yourself, some vanilla buttercream frosting, candy eyes, sprinkles, and your monstrous food coloring. Start by coloring your vanilla buttercream frosting in the shades of your choosing, we recommend using colors such as purple, orange or green. Add a bit of the buttercream on top of your chocolate cookie and top them with another cookie. You can put some candy eyes and add some sprinkles to create your monsters. Remember the more creative the spookiest!


20. Cockroach Donuts

Cockroaches have never been a fan favorite, but with these little treats, they are definitely going to become one of the most delicious at your party! To make this start by getting your donuts dough done or get some from the store, chocolate glaze and caramel ridges. With your doughnut dough, you should roll it out flat and cut some oval shapes and some half ovals. Place one complete oval with a half oval on top to create the cockroach shape and fried this up. With the remaining dough create some antennas and legs by cutting it super thin. Dip the cockroach shaped donuts in the chocolate glaze and add some stripes with the caramel ridges to make them look more realistic. These cockroaches are now ready to eat!


Ready to start making scary snacks to share with your friends? Let us know your favorite ones for this time of the year!

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