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Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

These Halloween party ideas are so good that they're scary! Here are some of our top favorite ideas for your next costume party!

Halloween is just around the corner! Organizing a party takes a lot of time and effort, especially if you want it to look divine and leave everyone in awe. The best Halloween party is the scariest one, the that invites you inside whilst sending shivers down your spine. This is why I came up with a list of the best spooky Halloween party ideas you should try this year!

1. Spooky entrance

If you want to have your guests intrigued from the very start, creating a scary, daring entrance is a way to go. Whether it’s the decoration of the main door of your house or an inside portal that takes anyone who comes through it to another world. Just make sure it’s unforgettable!

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

2. Scary balloons

Balloons are probably the best way to decorate any kind of party – they can be placed anywhere, they are cute and great to play with, especially for children, but I know for a fact some adults would appreciate them as well. That’s why they are a must at a scary Halloween party! You can either DIY them to match your atmosphere or buy themed ones.

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

3. Spooky bottles

Whether you will be serving alcoholic beverages or kids-friendly ones, make sure to display them in a Halloween way! If the drink already comes in a bottle, stick a spooky label on it, so your guests, instead of pouring themselves some wine will be drinking ‘human’s blood’ and instead of water ‘spider venom’. However, if the drinks come in a box, pour them in some cauldrons.

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

4. Halloween treats

Every party needs good food to be a success. For a Halloween one not only do you need it to taste amazing – but it also needs to look the part. Follow Handle the Heat’s tutorial for some ideas on how to decorate cupcakes, or Haniela’s scary cake ideas to up your game and serve your guests unforgettable treats!

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

5. Apple bobbing station

Not only will this look cute, it will also be a fun activity for your Halloween party. Apple bobbing may seem like an idea for kid’s party, but if you place it somewhere in your house people will love it. Decorate it the bowl and the area around it to make it a fun scary experience.

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

6. Spider ice cubes

Freeze some plastic spiders in ice cubes and serve it to your guests. You could also prank somebody with this idea, buy putting only one of these in their glass, so when they look in their drink they see a creepy black spider swimming in their beverage! This is one of our favorite Halloween party ideas!

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Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

7. Spooky fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your flat there is no way you could leave it without any decorations for the Halloween party this year. There are so many options what you can put there to make it look spectacular. Stick ‘Happy Halloween’ above it, light some candles or put a lot of pumpkins around it. A great idea is also to add a lot of spiderweb on it, to make it look old and scary.

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

8. Table décor

This will probably be the main place (especially if you place some food on it), so you should make sure it looks unforgettable. You could use some cotton web or bandage as the tablecloth and instead of normal boring dishes, try buying themed ones, they will definitely transform the whole look of the table. This is one of the best Halloween party ideas.

Scary Good Halloween Party Ideas

Are you planning to throw a Halloween party? Or will you be attending one? What are your Halloween party ideas? Let us know in the comments down below!
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