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How to Save Money on Designer Fashion

As far as shopping goes, there are only a few moments more thrilling than adding that item you love to your cart when there are only 2 left, and coming home to find your package on your doorstep. For those of us who love designer fashion, the recurring problem every season is how to save on the most coveted styles. Here are some tips on how to save money on designer fashion.

1. Rent it!

Finally, companies are starting to realize that there is a huge market for people who want to wear designer fashion, but don’t have the means ($$$) to do so. Cue: Bag Borrow or Steal. This company carries a huge selection of designer handbags and accessories that you can actually rent for a certain amount of time. So instead of splurging on that crazy-expensive bag, pay a fraction of the cost and rent it on a monthly basis. Have a big event you’re attending and need something extra special to tote along with you? Simply rent your designer accessories and return them when the event is over!

2. Shop online when you can.

Generally speaking, you can find the same item for a better price online than in-store. There are some exceptions as some brands are exclusive and offer no discount whatsoever, but check online before you buy! You may be surprised to find that you can get a discount on Herve Leger, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Chanel, and more. Even if you think that you found a piece at an unbeatable price, run a quick search on Google and a shopping comparison app if that’s what you like to use (suggestions include Amazon Price Check and ShopSavvy). Sometimes retailers will offer the same deal as another, but with free shipping or another perk so take that into account. Even stores like TJMaxx and Nordstrom Rack have online stores now! Check out TJMaxx Runway for designer steals like Fendi and Alice and Olivia. There is no one place where you can find an item definitively cheaper, the key is really to compare.

3. Sign up for emails.

Opt-in to receive emails from your favorite brands and stores, you may be able to get a discount upon sign-up and will be notified about special sales and offers. Most of us get annoyed by marketing email blasts, but Gmail now has a convenient feature where emails from brands can be shuffled into a promotions folder where you can check them if you’re in the mood for shopping and ignore them in peace if you’re not! Other benefits from being on the list include invitations to private sales and early access. You may want to sign up with flash sales websites like Hautelook (you can conveniently make returns at a Nordstrom Rack), RueLaLa, Guilt (more high-end designers at up to 60% off), iDeeli (up to 70% off), etc. They’re dangerously addicting…you may never see the inside of a mall again.

4. Get cash back.

Websites, such as Studentrate and Trends Love allow you to shop at your favorite stores and retailers while getting an additional discount in the form of cash back. Within 48 hours you’ll see the money in your account PayPal account. It’s a free service that helps you save while you shop. Cash back really adds up and is really an undiscovered secret of savvy shoppers! I love that cash back works on everything, including sale and clearance.

5. Shop at the right times.

Unlike cheaper brands like Forever21 and H&M where you can load up on cheap trendy styles with little to no guilt ($14 printed harem pants that you’ll wear maybe once? Why not!), you are probably looking for designer styles that have more longevity. Shopping for last season’s Winter coats in a classic style (a quality peacoat, for example) at the end of the season is a great option as it will save a ton of money on pieces that will be fashionable next Winter, and for years to come. However, keep in mind that the best times to save money aren’t always when you’ll find the best selection. Steep sales occur when a season is over or coming to an end and inventories are thin. Consumer Report’s research tells us that the best time to buy Winter clothing is in January, Spring clothing in April, and swimwear in July.


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6. Check out sample sales.

Some cities like NYC and Los Angeles have better samples sales than others, but find out if there are any in your area that you’d be interested in. They tend to be very quick to wrap up, so don’t blink or you’ll miss it! You may want to get there early if you anticipate a line or a lot of buzz. Know the exact address before you go (many sample sales aren’t held in easy-to-spot storefronts, and may be located in a floor of an office building or at a pop-up location) and the currency rules (check if it’s cash only!).

I hope that these tips were helpful to you, feel free to comment any additional advice that you swear by!


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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