How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body

The word “detox”, according to the Medical Dictionary, means “a short-term health regime involving procedures thought to remove toxins from the body.”  Detoxing your body is one of the best things you can do for it.  However, people are too quick to dedicate themselves to a detoxification program and fail to look at whether or not it is safe.

Juice cleanses and forms of fasting, although among the most popular forms of detoxing, can actually prove more harmful than helpful to the body because you are restricting your body of the essential nutrients that it needs.  Instead of the harmful regimes, here is a list of safe and easy ways to remove toxins from your body!

Drinking Tea

Tea is one of the most beneficial drinks you can put into your body!  With so many different options to choose from, everyone can find a tea that they find delicious and helpful to their bodies.  From ginger to dandelion, the choices are endless.  Although many teas already have detoxing characteristics, if you want a tea specifically for detoxing, there are many options for that too!

Brands like Yogi create a blend of tea that removes free radicals from the body.  With boxes of tea costing around $4, this detoxing method is one anyone can do without breaking the bank.

How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body

Cut Out Sugar

White sugar, in particular, has many negative side effects to the body. For example, fueling cancer cells, stunting white blood cell growth and enhancing weight gain.  It is much harder to remove toxins from the body when you are constantly putting a substance that grows them back into your body.  It  is definitely difficult to remove sugar from your diet, however, a start could be to cut out preservatives and artificial sweeteners. These foods are chocked with white sugar, so by eliminating processed foods, you’ll be eliminating all the sugar that comes with it.  Try home-cooking meals for a healthier shift!

How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body


One advantage of yoga is that it does a tremendous job of removing toxins from the body. By practicing the series of poses and twists during class, you will lose free radicals during the process of sweating.  These poses also help to improve digestion and boost your immune system. A great immune system keeps better track of toxins entering the body and work to fight them off.   If you do not want to make any drastic changes to your diet, yoga is a great natural way to cleanse your body.  Don’t want to pay for a class?  Go on YouTube!  There are millions of free yoga videos to help with detoxing, and you’ll be doing it in the comfort of your own home.

How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body

Mediterranean Diet

My roommate made the dietary shift to eat more Mediterranean, and she has never looked back.   The Mediterranean diet puts emphasis on both, the food you eat and the lifestyle you live.  This diet should mostly contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, herbs and spices. Try to limit your red meat and sugar consumption, and eat fruits for dessert.

Along with this terrific food list, the diet also expresses the importance of drinking plenty of water, exercising frequently and eating food with good company.  This combination of a healthy body and mindset makes this diet a perfect way to limit the toxins in your body!

How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body

Talk To Your Doctor

If there is a detox diet that you want to try, I strongly encourage you to go and talk to your doctor about finding a detox program that is perfect for you.  It’s important to seek medical advice and not try anything dangerous that will harm your body instead of help it.

I went to a chiropractor a couple of weeks ago with the concerns of finding a detox program that was safe, and he gave me a complete brochure of a 21-day program that he guaranteed was safe and effective.  You should never be afraid to call or ask your doctor for help because they are there to help you!

How To Safely And Successfully Detox Your Body

Within the first few days of detoxing, you will begin to feel a noticeable difference with your body, and, honestly, it will feel great!  You will have more energy, think more clearly and have a more positive attitude all together.  Whether you’re going to the grocery store to buy some Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life Tea or making an appointment with your doctor to chat, detoxing can only do good for your body!

Have any favorite teas for detoxing to recommend? Comment down below!
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