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Safe Tinder Dating 101

Safe Tinder Dating 101

Safe Tinder Dating 101

Dating comes with so much excitement. But with all the dating apps being developed they can attract some questionable people. When it comes to Tinder dating it’s easy for someone to come off as the perfect partner and lure you into a dangerous situation. Just like with meeting someone in person and then going on dates, you need to be safe about the information you are giving out and how much you let your guard down. Now that’s not to say you should be afraid of dating but when it comes to Tinder dating and any form of online dating there are precautions you should take. Here is safe Tinder dating 101!

1. Never Give Them Your Address

If you’re going on a date with someone you’ve been talking to on Tinder, meet them at the location instead. Never give them your address! If you decide you don’t want to see this person after the first date, it’s better the person does not know this information about you. You may think of this person as someone who is sweet and caring but rejection brings out a different side in someone. They could resort to stalking which is dangerous. If they insist on picking you up, say you need to be somewhere after the date so you have to take your own car. Or just be honest with them about not giving out your address to dates.

2. Have Them Meet A Friend

If you are okay with them picking you up at your address then have them meet a friend of yours. Your friend can serve as a witness if anything were to happen to you.


3. Tell Someone Where You Will Be

Again this is just to ensure that you will be safe. That way if anything happens, your friend knows where to look for you.

4. Check In With Someone Or Have Them Check In With You

Just like your friend who would call you with a fake emergency so you can get out of an awful date, have them call you to check in. Or you can text them every hour or so to let them know how it’s going. This leaves a trace so your friend knows what time communication stopped.

5. Turn Your Location On

Send your location to your close friends. This way they can keep an eye on you and make sure you’re safe!

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6. Do Not Go Back To Their Apartment/ Dorm room/ Home

If you’re interested in something more after the date then you don’t have to read this tip. But if you aren’t, after the date say goodnight and head home. If your date is insisting on continuing the date and asking you to go back to their place for a movie or to hangout makeup an excuse or tell them the truth. You do not have to go and if they are pressuring you then it just shows that they may not have good intentions.

These tips are not meant to scare you and keep you from dating. Dating is fun! You can meet some interesting people and it can teach you a lot about yourself and what you look for in a partner. This article is only meant to educate you about safe Tinder dating so nothing bad will happen to you!


What are some of your safe Tinder dating tips? Comment them below!

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