Why It’s Normal To Be Sad Sometimes And It’s OK To Talk About It

These are the reasons why it is OK to be sad sometimes and also that it's OK to talk. Everyone should be able to feel her feelings.

Sometimes, it seems like feeling sad is the worst thing you could be possibly doing. You start to build an internal pressure within yourself to erase the feelings, to wipe away the slate clean. Sometimes, it’s not sadness, it’s anxiety. You wake up with a sinking feeling, a floating head, and a million thoughts that refuse to leave your mind. Remember, it’s OK to talk to your close ones around you if you are having a rough time.

Digital Age

In our society, especially in the digital age, there is a push to gloss over the hard times. On platforms like Instagram, Facebook ,Twitter and even LinkedIn, we are constantly bombarded with images of success, happiness and love. We see these images so much, that they seem like almost a norm in our society. There wouldn’t be a problem with any of this, if it were anything close to the truth. But when we hide the other side of our emotions, we ostracize people are going through a tough patch and who are scared to ask for help or advice. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, one in every five US adults has some type of mental illness. As of 2016, around 16.2 million adults suffer from depression in the United States. Remember, it’s OK to talk to your close ones around you if you are having a rough time.

Remember, it's OK to talk to your close ones around you if you are having a rough time.

Public Speaking

Why is publicly speaking about hard times a taboo?

As humans, we are entitled to our sadness, to our pain, and to our mixed emotions. We are not built to be always be joyful or optimistic. No one is perfect. Let yourself mourn. Let yourself grieve. Avoiding problems and hiding them behind hollow smiles will only hurt you more in the long run. Go through the process, but don’t let yourself drown in it. Remember, it’s OK to talk to your close ones around you if you are having a rough time.

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Life isn’t made to be understood linearly. Life bends and breaks and twists in way we don’t ever expect. Life changing and defining moments will only be understood to their full extent in the future, never in the present. It’s a hard concept to understand, especially in your 20s. Things won’t make sense and will stay like that for a while. Accept and try to accept that not every aspect of your life is something that you can control and manipulate.

At times we get so wrapped up into the idea of who we are supposed to be that we start to neglect the person we really are. Give your mind a break and try to release yourself from the mental image of yourself you have constructed. Remember to breathe. No one likes to admit defeat or feelings of failure, but it should part of normal conversations regardless of socioeconomic status.Kelly Rowland recently publicly shared that she was admitting herself into a mental health facility to treat her depression. While she was met with mostly positive reactions and messages of support from the public, this is something that everybody should be more open to sharing, not just celebrities. If we all shared a story publically, or disclosed moments of self doubt, then maybe the process of dealing with these emotions wouldn’t feel so lonely or isolating. Remember, it’s OK to talk to your close ones around you if you are having a rough time.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Which of these reasons it’s OK to talk do you relate to? Let us know below.

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