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10 Rutgers Hacks To Make Life Easier On Campus

10 Rutgers Hacks To Make Life Easier On Campus

Do you know where to find free food on campus? How about which classrooms are open for studying? Whether you’re a freshman or senior, there’s always more to learn at Rutgers. Keep reading for 10 Rutgers hacks to make life easier on campus!

1. Use the Rutgers Mobile App, it’s essential!

Need to know what time the bus is coming? Or how long the library is open? What’s being served at the dining hall today? Need to check scheduling? Need to check RU events? How about if school is open? Yeah the app has got you covered. It’s basically a lifesaver and the most recommended of all the Rutgers hacks.

2. Download the Campus Map and never get lost again.

Trust me this one is the one thing you want on your phone. Better to know where things are beforehand instead of walking aimlessly around campus looking for BLC.



3. Join the Rutgers free food page!

Because who doesn’t love free food?!

4. Always check Sakai before class.

Because you never know when class will magically get canceled or there’s a room change.


5. Take an earlier bus if you can.

Honestly you just don’t want to be in a bus full sweaty college students, do you? The shuttle at Rutgers is notorious for being packed at most times.

6. Carry a planner of some sort.

Write down everything and I mean everything and you’ll never be lost again. From homework to events to meetings, you’ll be that one person who’s always on top of things.


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7. Get to know your TAs and professors and let them know you too.

Not only is this a great networking opportunity, but they can be great people to put as references.

8. Make some friends who are older than you.

Especially people who are in the same major as you. You can always learn a few things about professors and classes you’re going to take in the future. Also, they’re great for letting you know which classes to avoid. They may also save you from spending $500 on books by passing down theirs.


9. Download the RU Empty App.

Because sometimes its more fun to study in a classroom than hole yourself up in the library.

10. Tutoring isn’t only a learning center thing.

Look around for tutoring ads. Ask friends! Sometimes they may be more helpful (and flexible) than the learning center.

What are other Rutgers hacks do you use on campus? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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