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7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

Anyone who watches RuPaul’s Drag Race knows it is jam-packed with all kinds of jaw-dropping drama and chaos in every episode. It’s hard to narrow it down to just 7 iconic moments because, well, every episode seems to bring more of them. For now, here’s 7 RuPaul moments we will never forget (and that never get old).

1. When Willam Sashayed Away

I don’t know about you, but my jaw had to be picked up off the floor after this episode. The iconic lip sync prior just left me in disbelief at what happened. We were all thinking the same thing: what the hell happened that made him be kicked off?! This will forever go down as one of the most shocking and iconic moments in the shows history. RuPaul really does know how to keep the audience tuned it.

7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

2. Violet Chachki Taking Snatched To A New Level

She really embodies the “Death Becomes Her” concept in a whole new way. I doubt any of us will ever see a waist that cinched ever again, because that truly is an art form. She gained a whole lot of publicity for this, and rightfully so as everyone was gagging at how insanely cinched she was in this look. She was probably having as much trouble breathing as we were watching this.

7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

3. Vivacious And Ornacia

What. An. Entrance. This was one of the most iconic entrances the show has seen. I love the creativity of it, and she served it like nobody else could. She worked this look and honestly I’m still gagging looking at this. The face, the outfit, the look was everything. An icon and a legend to say the least.

4. Mimi Imfurst’s Iconic Lip Sync

You know the one I’m talking about. When India was lip syncing for her life and got carried away (literally). This had all of our jaws on the floor because of the sheer desperation Mimi was showcasing here. An extremely bold move that ultimately did not pay off, but it definitely made for some entertaining content for all the drag race fans.

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5. Sharon Needles’ Rupocalypse Look

She really did not come to play with this look. I remember watching this episode for the first time and thinking that Sharon was definitely the queen to watch this season, and that she was. Sharon is nothing if not avant-garde and shocking, and this look captured all of her essence in that one jaw-dropping moment. The creativity and originality of this look are just some of the reasons it’s one of my favourites and always will be.

7 RuPaul Moments We Will Never Forget

6. The Alyssa Edwards And Coco Montrese Workroom Drama

If we’re being honest, Alyssa did read Coco pretty accurately about how orange her makeup looked in the moment. All throughout the season it was no secret that the two had some unsettled beef from years (and competitions) prior, and this is one of a few moments where it really came to play. Arguably one of the best RuPaul’s Drag Race moments of all time, I could watch this over and over and never get tired of Coco’s face.

7. Violet Chachki’s Two-In-One Look

She made this list twice, I know. But honestly this look is one of the most iconic in Drag Race herstory. Violet’s Fall Reveal look was so perfectly executed I really don’t even have the words to describe it. The judges themselves were even in shock at the look, and can we really blame them? Even if you don’t watch Drag Race, you’ve definitely seen this gif on Twitter; It was so iconic that it was a popular meme for quite some time.

I know there’s hundreds of moments I missed from Drag Race, so comment some of your personal favourites down below!

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