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10 Running Outfits For Your Perfect Run

Athleisure is trending in everyday fashion, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Now you can look good while you exercise. We love a well thought out running outfit, and the running outfit styles you can style are endless. The best part of athleisure is that you look cute as heck, but also be comfortable. Let’s get you looking your absolute best on your next run with these hot styles! Just think: running, but make it fashion.

1) Crop Zip-Up

Good morning, it’s time for your run! Here’s the stitch: it’s a bit nippy outside. This is an adorable running outfit choice for those cool morning workouts, not to mention it’s super cute. This outfit comprises a crop zip-up top paired with a crop running tight—all from Nike. What we love about this crop zip-up is that it is loose-fitting, making it easy for mobility while giving your body a nice sculpted figure. It is really cute to wear with just a sports bra underneath, too.

We paired the crop zip-up with a nice pair of leggings that are adjustable and comfortable. One way to style your running outfits is by having a loose-fitting top and tights on the bottom. Trust us, these cropped leggings are super trendy and will not be going out of style anytime soon.

2) Tie Leggings

One running outfit look that is super cute is the cropped and high-waisted legging trend. If you wear an athletic top or bra, be sure to pair your outfit with cute high-waisted leggings. The reason we love the high-waisted tight style is because it sculpts your legs, butt, and mid-section all at once. It’s recommended that you choose a legging with a fun waist band. For example, a legging with a tie waste band gives the tights some texture that contrasts the rest of the outfit. Plus, the tie is also a practical feature that keeps your leggings up while you are on your run!

3) Split Shorts

This is a favorite in the running world! These split shorts should be a running outfit go-to in your athletic wardrobe. Out of all the shorts, this split style is the best, as it allows movement and makes your legs look thinner. The split is located on the side of the leg. This style shows a little bit more skin, but not too much where it would make a high mobility workout feel uncomfortable. There are a variety of split styles to choose from depending on how much of a split you want. These are a staple in the running world and totally adorable for those hotter days when you can’t wear leggings.

4) Crop Sports Top

Is it a sports bra? Is it a cropped tank? It’s actually both! Oh, and it’s the best athletic outfit invention ever. These are gems in any running closet and are perfect for any work out in the sun. The crop sports bra top usually goes best with high-waisted leggings or shorts and are so comfortable and supportive. They work like a sports bra, but they also have a little bit of extra fabric at the bottom to give it that tank top feel.

5) Biker Short

We. Love. Biker. Shorts. Seriously, this new trend is absolutely adorable and it also is the perfect pant to wear on your run. Whether you pick a solid biker short color or spice it up with a fun pattern, any pair will suffice. These are so comfortable and they go with ultimately any running top. A looser fitting top or crop is always a fan favorite, but you really can’t go wrong. Own this look and make it a staple running outfit. You won’t be sorry.

6) Running Vest

Ever run in the cold, but when you start running you get too hot? Running vests are magic, trust us. They are so adorable for colder weather runs and are so, so helpful too. They keep your mid-section warm and allow your arms to still breath while you run. Plus, this is a really cute part of your running outfit. Wear this with a tight long sleeve and you favorite leggings. You can even pull off the running vest with shorts if you’re feeling it!

7) All The Same Colors

What’s your color? Navy? Blush Pink? Army Green? One of the trending running outfits we can’t get enough of is the matching top and bottom combination look. Match your colors and purchase athletic sets because they are so cute and worth it!

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8) Loose Tank

We love the loose fitting tank top with a tight look! The loose tank is so fun and you can mix and match sports bras with this outfit to give off a pop of color. If you have a neutral colored, loose-fitting tank top, pair it with a patterned or bold colored sports bra. Make the sports bra pop and own this look during your running workout.

9) Running Hat

To finish off your perfect outfit, consider wearing a running hat. A running hat that is a solid neutral color is super trendy and practical. Keep the sun out of your eyes and the heat from your face if you are running during the mid-day heat. Also, if your hair is just not having it that day, cover it with a hat!

10) Hoka Clifton/Bondi

This is by far our favorite running shoe. The Hoka Clifton is a neutral running shoe that is cushioned, comfortable and also trendy. The Hoka running shoes comes in a variety of light colors that will make your running outfit totally pop. If you need a little bit of extra support for your arches, try the Hoka Bondi! They are both great quality running shoes that are also very trendy.

Thank goodness for amazing athleisure and looking like a boss in your exercise attire! Kick ass in your next workout and let us know which running outfit style you choose to rock in the comments!

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