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10 Rules For Partying At Rutgers

Everyone and their mother has already informed you that you’re going to one of the biggest party schools around but the problem is how to get into all of those parties. You’ve already been told how to act and be safe while partying at Rutgers but no one has really told you how to get in and to use those life saving tips that have been stressed so many times. Keep reading for 10 rules for partying at Rutgers!

1. Timing is everything.

Do not and i repeat DO NOT leave your dorm before 11:00. Don’t even think about starting to get dressed and ready before 10:30. To everyone that is late to everything in their lives now is your time to shine. You never want to be the first one at a party, but with that being said, you also don’t want to be the last. Leaving around 11:30 is the target time. Any earlier and you may be the first one there and any later and you may not get anything to drink.

2. Have the address in hand.

Do not leave your room without an address. You may think “Oh i’m going to a party on College Ave so i’ll be able to find it by following the throngs of people that are walking on the streets,” but truth is this will get you NOWHERE. You will end up walking around in circles following people who have no idea where they’re going and that also have the same thought process as you. So make sure that you know which house you’re trying to get to and even google map it (just don’t make the freshman mistake and have SIRI on full volume).


3. Don’t forget to pregame!

I know that it may sound silly like why would i drink before i’m planning on going out to drink but this is one of the most important rules of partying here at Rutgers. Rutgers is huge so sometimes getting to the parties will take a good 10 minutes. 10 minutes sober is way more painful than 10 minutes buzzed. The key is to pregame enough that you are in a “happy” state but not too much as to where you’re stumbling to get to your elevator. Also with so many people going to these parties alcohol is scarce. There may only be enough drinks at the party for you to get buzzed so if you’re already buzzed when you show up you don’t have to worry about not having enough to drink.

4. No boys allowed. PERIOD.

I know this one may sound silly but aside from pregaming it’s THE golden rule for partying at Rutgers. You can not get into a party with guys! no if’s, and’s, or but’s. You may think that the boy you met in COMM 101 is super hot and you totally want to get drunk and make out with him at a party. The thing is you will never get into that party if you bring him, so don’t waste your time. Grab a group of your girls or just one or two and find people at the party to hangout with, by doing this you will practically get yourself a fast pass right through the front door and straight to the drinks.

5. Find a balanced outfit.

Another important part of the night. What to wear. Here’s the thing, you don’t want to be overdressed (such as wearing too many articles of clothing) or under dressed (such as wearing not enough clothes). Also just a personal opinion, wear a bra. There is nothing more embarrassing than walking down college ave and having everyone and their mother being able to see your tits (unless of course you’re into that look…)

6. Don’t wear your best shoes, and make sure they’re comfortable!

Be prepared that you will be walking to get to your destination. Depending on where you live will depend exactly how far your walking but regardless you’re in it for the long haul so make sure your feet are ready. Wedges and heels may be super cute and give you that extra inch that your looking for but they’re not realistic for partying at Rutgers. (leave them for cute pics with the gals BEFORE your night out). Also, be weary with what shoes you wear. Don’t wear your brand new shoes that you spot clean every night before bed. You are about to enter the basement of a Frat. If you know anything about boys you should know that their cleanliness is not always up to par and there will be tons of drunk people around you spilling their drinks and who knows maybe even throwing up a bit.

So be warned, do not wear your favorite go to shoes or any shoe that you take pride in because they will no longer look the same.


7. Research!

Know where you’re going. Don’t think you’re going to a frat and show up at a house party or vice versa. That being said, try to remember just which frat you will be showing up to and where it is because you don’t want to offend a brother by mispronouncing their fraternity or worse calling them by the wrong name.

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8. The pre-party nap is essential.

Do not by any means go out tired. This will do you no good. You will be a drag for the whole night because you’re tired and want to sleep. Meanwhile, all of your friends are trying to get lit. So do yourself (and your friends) a favor and take a quick power nap before you go out so that you’re fully energized and ready for a night out on the ave. Worst case if you don’t have enough spare time between attending class and doing your homework to nap, grab a quick coffee to give you a jump start!

9. Make as many connections as you can!

Partying at Rutgers is all about who you know and who you talk to. Make sure to be friends with everyone on your floor. You will know when people are going out to a party, just look at their clothes – see rule #5. Don’t be afraid to say “Hey, where are you going?”. Also, be sure to make friends with some upperclassmen! (you can’t pregame if you don’t have stuff to pregame with and this is where you will be getting those necessities). It can never hurt to know too many people, it will only give you an array of locations for your night out.

10. Eat beforehand!

Just as any other party you would go to, make sure you eat before you go out. You don’t want to drink on an empty stomach because that will do you in for an early night and the chance of throwing up. But don’t eat too much because then you won’t have any room to drink. It’s all about finding balance with this one.

Well that’s a wrap… best of luck with all of your partying at Rutgers this semester and don’t over do it. Remember there will always be another party! However, you only have one chance to take that pre-calc quiz so don’t bomb it because you partied too hard the night before. Cheers!

What are your rules for partying at Rutgers? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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