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15 Royal Themed Party Decor You Can Prime In Time For The Royal Wedding

15 Royal Themed Party Decor You Can Prime In Time For The Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding approaching, royal themed party decor is on the rise. For those of you who are searching for the perfect royal wedding viewing party decor, take a look at my list of essential decorations that you need to order right now!

As May 19, 2018 approaches, the entire world is eagerly preparing to watch the royal wedding unfold live on their screens. Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement back in November, many have been sitting at the edge of their seats to hear details of the upcoming nuptials – the wedding dress, the invitations, the location and every other detail in between. If you still haven’t received your invite in the mail, don’t fret, you can bring the royal wedding to your own home with these royal themed party decor items I have carefully chosen from Amazon. You’re royal wedding viewing party will be the best on this side of the pond. Check out my picks for royal themed party decor that you can prime in time for the royal wedding!

Hanging Paper Pom Poms

These are so easy to hang from just about anywhere in your home to add a little dimension to your get-together. Over the dining table, kitchen island or buffet table are all ideal places to hang these royal blue party pom poms and lanterns bulbs.


British Flag Tablecloth

This tablecloth makes for the perfect statement piece to include the British monarchy into your home decor. Perfect for the dining table or even a side buffet table where you guests can get their fix of tea and finger sandwiches.

Royally Embossed Tea Towel

This is ideal for someone who likes subtle and elegant party decor. With the simple white background and gold etching, this piece is lovely to spice up the kitchen decor.


Royal Couple Serving Tray

This serving tray is an easy way to serve your guest breakfast scones and crumpets on the big day. Designed with royal themed stenciling and the famous engagement announcement photograph, this serve ware is idyllic.


British Flag Cupcake Toppers

These are another one of the effortless ways to incorporate Great Britain and authentic royal themed party decor into your gathering! These toothpick flags work for cupcakes, muffins and even cakes.


Illustrated Tea Towel

This tea towel comes with many details and illustrations, giving it an embroidered and quilted-like look for someone who wants a busier style.


Royal Mugs

Those of us who will be in the United States during the royal wedding are most definitely going to be waking up at the crack of dawn to watch the nuptials commence over in the United Kingdom. These Prince Harry and Meghan Markle embellished mugs are perfect for your morning cup-of-Joe that you will need. If you are going to be a tea drinker for the occasion, they are well-suited for that too.

Royal Plate Ware

You can use these for decorations on plate stands or for collecting your meal of crumpets, finger sandwiches and scones.


Big Ben Knick-Knacks

Just like New York City’s quintessential building is the Empire State Building, Big Ben is often times the most recognized symbol for London town. Purchase some of these adorable Big Ben adornments for party favors, table setting decor or mantle decorations.


Great Britain Flag Wall Hanging

This is another simple way to add some British gestures into your royal themed party decor. Whether it’s hung from your bedroom, living room or patio wall, it will get you into the spirit of the royal wedding over in London.

Crown Confetti

Spread some of this sparkly and glitzy crown confetti on your buffet table or even around your kitchen island royal themed party decor for some glam effect.

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Treat Containers

Resembling the classic popcorn containers that you get at the movie theater, these are perfect for filling up with treats while staying on theme.


Princess Carriage Wall Hangings

These are other ideal options for wall hangings that fit into the royal themed party decor.


Harry and Meghan Paper Dolls

These cute and unique paper dolls give a differentiated look compared to other traditional party decor items.

British Banners

Banners work both outdoors and indoors to show your celebratory spirit!


Which of these royal themed party decor items are you going to decorate with for the royal wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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