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Round Up Of The 50 Prettiest Almond Nails On Pinterest

Round Up Of The 50 Prettiest Almond Nails On Pinterest

Every season, fashion takes on a new theme. It changes from dark or cold color schemes in the winter to pastels and florals in the spring. These patterns and color schemes reflect in not only clothing, or shoes and accessories, but also in nails. Whether it is for a special occasion or just for the week, everyone can appreciate a good mani. While colors and patterns go out of season and change with the times, manicures often maintain a couple of classic shapes no matter the season or fashion trends. Almond nails fit into the category of timeless nail shapes even though they lend themselves well to the ever-changing trends of the season. Here are 50 of the best almond nails on Pinterest, because you know you could always add a few more to your board.

Solid Almond Nails

Sometimes, you need to just appreciate a nice, solid, polished (no pun intended) mani, without all the jazz that comes with nail art. Solid nails look the most professional, and they can still show personality without being too overpowering.

1. Orange Almond Nails

These orange almond nails border on a coral, but stay away from the neon highlighter shades. They are perfect for a bright early summer day, when you’re dreaming of the beach.


2. Dusty Rose Nails

Perhaps the most classic nail color of all, this dusty rose is perfect for a business casual outfit, or anytime you just want to stick to a more traditional mani and want to look polished and professional.

3. Neon Yellow Nails

While these do hinge on the neon highlighter effect, they are perfect for a summer day spent on the beach. Don’t be afraid to pair these with that yellow polka dot bikini, because everyone could use a little sunshine at their fingertips.

4. Onyx Deep Black Nails

A basic black nail can never be overlooked as one of the most elegant manis of all. It’s professional, but also shows personality, and is always polished.


5. Turquoise Nails

Once you adjust to all the rings, the simple turquoise of the nails stands out as effortless and light, reminding you of clear skies and of course, pairing wonderfully with silver jewelry and accessories.

6. Bright Red Bling Nails

Alright, so there are some rhinestones on these nails, but they’re solid. The feature that brings this so close to the heart is the texture on the nails. Normally, you want the smoothest finish you can get, and any texture means you messed up. But, for these, the different reds provide texture through their contrast.

7. Grey Blue Nails

Once again, texture is key. These nails actually have texture in the solid colors, and one can only wonder how they got that texture on the nail, let alone how it stayed.


Mermaid Nails

All those opalescent nails and lavenders swirled in with baby blues and pinks remind me of mermaid scales, with all their changing colors and light gemstone hues. These iridescent nail designs make you look like you belong with a trunk full of treasures.

8. Ombre Glitter Mermaid nails

These sparkling nails actually look like they came out of a treasure chest! With the lights twinkling off of them, they could be mistaken for a jewel.

9. Iridescent Sideways Ombre Mermaid Nails

The ombre effect, where it exists, goes sideways and uses more pastel hues than the last set.


10. Multi-colored Mermaid Nails

These nails fit into the mermaid group by the combination of colors in them. They are a different take on the mermaid nail because instead of covering a range of colors on a single nail, through an ombre, they use different shades on all the nails.

11. Opaque Mermaid Nails

Like the last set, these nails use different colors on the nails, by alternating them. These are the most opaque of the group, but they still follow the mermaid scheme with the lavender and teal blue.


12. Geometric Mermaid Nails

With a geometric pattern incorporating the opalescent effect, these are perhaps the most intricate of all the mermaid nails. And while they might stick to different aspects of the same shade with reflective stripes running down the nail, it still fits into the category of mermaid scales.

13. Gold Mermaid Nail Charm

While these nails might not be a part of the mermaid color scheme, they are rightfully here with the dainty little nail charm. This mermaid could sing to the sailor, even when you’re on land.

Artsy Nail Designs

When you think of nail art, you probably think of fancy designs like those you hear about on celebrities, with their tiny sculptures of miniature sushi attached to the surface of the nail. But, it doesn’t always have to be that wild. The next nail designs use the surface of the nail as a canvas, for art like what you would see at a museum. But, sometimes, they do use tiny sculptures.


14. Moon Phase Nail Designs

Whether these help you channel your inner werewolf or your Goddess Diana, these nails depicting the phases of the moon, capture a little bit of the universe on your fingers. They represent a different take on the typical galaxy motif.

15. French Mani Rose Nails

This rose is one of the smallest roses you will ever see, while capturing the simplicity and elegance of a French mani. It’s so detailed, you might want to make sure you have the patience to get it done before you decide you want it.

16. Black Rose Nail Art

Maybe even more detailed than the previous roses, these black roses on a classic nude nail color are reminiscent of a tattoo, except for their being on your nail. They could be a “nail tattoo” of sorts, if you please.


17. White and Turquoise Swirled Designs

It’s hard to say what this design is supposed to be. But, it does look like a henna design on a peacock-galaxy print background. Whatever it might be, it is very intricate and you would get envious looks from anyone who saw it.

18. Cotton Candy Nebula Nail Design

Of the fingers with the swirled cotton candy nebula on them this set of nails could be the memory of a childhood visit to the beach, channeling the azure of the water with the pink you couldn’t have enough of back then and that boardwalk cotton candy.

19. Glitter Turquoise Nail Design

Although the shape of these nails might border on stiletto, we can claim it as an almond, for this post. The glitter from the rhinestones and the turquoise contrasts the simplicity of the milky blue for a flawless mani.


20. Love-ly black and nude nails

Who wouldn’t love a little love on their hands? This nail design takes a fun and quirky spin on two of the most classic colors of mani’s- black and nude.

21. Geometric Green and Gold Nails

As green and gold were my high school’s colors, this brings back a lot of memories for me. But, it is very emerald city elegant and polished, perfect for a night out.

22. Yin Yang Black Dusted Nails

These nails provide a contemporary take on the traditional yin yang symbol, with the shape of the black as it’s dusted across the light pink. The pattern could also be interpreted in a different way, depending on what you see.


23. Rhinestone Pink and Navy Nails

These nails might be a bit more crusty, but they’re perfect for a special occasion. The rhinestones are just enough to provide a little bit of glamour to your mani, without being overpowering.

24. Pink and Gold Nail Art

These are perfect for when you want your inner diva to sing out loud and proud. The gold and pink combo is very spring, especially for that Easter dinner with your family.

25. Grey and Pink Nail Polish

The powder pink detailing provides just enough color to transition this grey nail color from a fall/winter to an early spring or hopeful spring attitude. The rhinestones and glitter are just delicate enough to say maybe the long winter is over.


26. Shades of Teal Nails

With all the different shades of teal and or turquoise, these nails can show the different shades of you. They glitter in the azure is balanced out by the simplicity of the white and the milky blue. The geometry of the white and the nude is balanced out by the solid colors.

27. Peachy Nails

Get a little summer peach cobbler on your fingers, but without the mess! This peachy themed mani gives you a fruity touch, and is perfect if you do not want to saturate your nails with bright orange and coral tones.

28. Pink Bows Nails

These nails are so delicate, with their bows and tiny rhinestones, they’re perfect for a clean and polished outfit. Maybe you see the first cherry blossoms of the year and you’re just inspired. But, don’t forget the bow in your hair to match.


29. Black and White Swirl Nails

These black and white swirled nails are just amazing. If you’re ever in doubt about which colors to pair together, it’s black and white. Some people like to counter that by saying black is the absence of color and white is all colors, so they are not colors themselves. Whatever you like to believe, there is no doubt black and white together is the way to go.

30. Cactus Pattern Nails

Get this cactus mani for your next vacay to the south. The flowers and cacti are whimsical, but well done so you can get in the spirit of the trip.

31. White Christmas Nails

Nothing says winter more than snow and a white Christmas. These nails celebrate the season with their snowflake mani. Seeing the snowflakes at the tips of your fingers will make you just want to grab some snow and have a snowball fight with your friends.


32. Glitter and Blues Nail Design

The silver glitter on these nails doesn’t scream party as much as the gold does. In fact, paired with the baby blue, it’s perfect for an ordinary day, when you just want to bring some glitz to your life.

33. Spiders and Bones Nails

There’s only one time of year for these nails, and unfortunately, while it may have just passed, there is plenty of time to plan for next year. These spiders and bones look like a mini Halloween display in your lawn, but they bring the spirit with you.

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34. Bees and Honey Nails

While you might not want real bees this close to you to avoid getting stung. This is a perfect way to show your support for the dying bee population. They might be going extinct, but they are not forgotten.

35. Breast Cancer Awareness/Support Nail Art

There are so many ways to show support for breast cancer awareness, and nothing is more recognized than the pink ribbons. This diva worthy mani will show your support while also showing off the diva in you.

36. Black and Red Rose Art

Another variant on the rose, this mani is probably the most goth of them all. With the frightfully detailed and accurate red roses on the black background, you could be the Evil Queen.


37. Ice Cream Cone Art

This really is nostalgic for childhood summers and ice cream truck cones. The mini cones on your fingertips are like summer memories within your grasp.

38. Butterfly Wing Nails

This nails are like a mini butterflies wings on your fingers. If you’ve ever wanted a butterfly to flutter onto your hand, this might help attract them.

39. Taj Mahal Jeweled Nails

These ruby and gold nails might not be much, but they do remind me of Indian jewelry fit for royalty and the stones on the Taj Mahal. This mani is perfect for attending an Indian wedding.


40. Peach and Coral Summer Nails

These multi-patterned, multi-jeweled nails are so summer, you’d have to be crazy to disagree. They are so bright and happy, but intricate at the same time, people are sure to stop you to complement you on them.

Party Patterns

41. Black and Emerald Confetti Nails

These could be bits of emerald and gold confetti falling down around you on a New Year’s Eve, as the clock strikes 12 at Times Square. This time, maybe the nails can identify you as the one who ran away with the chimes of midnight.

42. Nude and Gold Nails

These nude nails are brought to the party with the single gold finger while the triangle pattern breaks up any monotony with the solid nude.


43. Gold, Black and Nude Nails

If the gold were considered a solid, this trio would be a simple, but glittery version of a party nail. Perfect for New Year’s Eve parties and little black lacy dresses, these nails would be the start of your party.

44. Gold Tipped Nails

While you may be thinking these should have gone with the tipped nails, they just scream party. Gold glitter always seems to me, to mean New Year’s Eve parties and holidays celebrating with friends.

Ombre Nails

45. Barbie Ombre Nails

This hot pink and purple ombre mani will remind you of those days when you used to play with Barbie. Hot pinks and purples just speak of her, you know?


46. Palm Beach Sunset Nails

Palm trees and sunsets, how else would you describe paradise? Reminiscent of Hawaii, these nails, with their ombre sunset tones transport you straight to the islands.

47. Blues and Bows Nails

This blue ombre just touches on your flirty side with the light pink bows and medium tones of blue. The shades are mellow enough not to clash, but not pale enough to be baby colors.

48. Black Ombre Nails

If you really want to go for goth, this black tipped mani is just for you. With the shape of the almond tipped nails, this looks very vampiric.


Tips Only Designs

49. Red Tipped Nails

If you love red tips, but don’t want to be all heartsy, these nails will be your best friend. The angle of the tips contrasts with the roundedness of the almond nails, but the contrast is just enough to work well.

50. Heart Tipped Nails

These heart tipped nails, which some might want to avoid in favor of the last ones, are perfect for the Queen of Hearts within you. Or, if you want to be the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, of course.

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