12 Times Ross From FRIENDS Was Actually The Best F.R.I.E.N.D

Yes I know, everyone hates Ross from Friends. Everyone just sees him as a cheating boyfriend and an annoying jerk with questionable anger issues who says wrong names at the altar. But everyone makes mistakes, and once you learn to look past Ross’s faults, you will see how sweet and kind he really is and start to love him, just like I do.

1) The time Ross bought Phoebe the bike.

When Phoebe told her friends the story of how she didn’t have a bike growing up but the girl across the street had the best bike which was pink, had rainbow colored tassels hanging from it, and had a huge wicker basket with white plastic daisies stuck on it, Ross went ahead and surprised her with her own first bike which was pink, had rainbow colored tassels hanging from it, and had a huge wicker basket with white plastic daisies stuck on it. And as Phoebe said, it was the best present she had ever gotten.

2) When he was so thoughtful and romantic.

On his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary, when one of his aunts asked him how he had proposed to Rachel, he said he had filled the planetarium, the place they had their first date at, with lilies- her favorite flowers. The lights came down and as she walked in, “The Way You Look Tonight” came on the speakers. Written across the dome in the stars were the words “will you marry me?” Of course, this hadn’t actually happened, but he later told Rachel this is how he always thought he would propose to her. If this isn’t being a perfect boyfriend, what is?

3) He was always a great brother to Monica.

Ross always stuck up for Monica when their parents gave her a hard time. He supported her when she went through the bad break up with Richard, and even gave Chandler “the big bro talk” before they got married.


4) He was always selfless.

Even though Rachel was always trying to sabotage his relationships or acted super bitchy to his girlfriends, he never treated her boyfriends like that. He even broke up with Rachel’s sister because she wasn’t okay with it. Moreover, when Rachel got pregnant, she said she didn’t want to date him but also didn’t want him to date anyone else, he easily agreed, saying, “you are having our baby, you get to be unreasonable.”

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5) He was a good father.

He loved both Ben and Emma a lot and decided to stay involved in their lives even though in both cases, the mothers told him he didn’t have to. Ross even went to Carol and Rachel’s doctors’ appointments and made sure he was there for them 100% of the time during their pregnancies.

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6) That time he (almost) took Rachel to prom.

In the episode “The One With the Prom Video”, Rachel was mad at Ross for making a pro and con list about her, and the gang started watching a videotape with the recording of Monica and Rachel getting ready for prom back when they were in high school. When it seemed like Rachel’s supposed date had bailed on her, Ross selflessly got ready to take her to prom, but just when he was about to ask her, her date showed up and she left with him. Present day Rachel got so touched (seriously though, who wouldn’t?) that right away, she kissed him, and thus began “Ross and Rachel”.

7) The time he made a little girl feel like an astronaut.

When he accidentally broke a little girl’s leg, he felt so bad he tried his best to send her to space camp by going door to door and selling her girl scout cookies. Unfortunately, he couldn’t sell enough, but he made up for it by creating her own little space station in Chandler and Joey’s apartment.

8) He was a great best friend and best man to Chandler.

He made Joey talk to Chandler when Joey was mad at him for kissing his girlfriend. Ross also calmed Chandler down and convinced him to come back to his wedding and marry Monica when he got cold feet and ran away.

9) The time he missed the opportunity of being on TV for Rachel.

Ross was supposed to attend a panel to discuss about fossil fuels that was going to be filmed on the Discovery Channel, but instead he stayed with Rachel who had injured herself and helped her to get ready and took her to the hospital, without letting her know his initial plans for the evening.

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10) He let Joey date Rachel.

This was probably one of the hardest things he had to do. But he did it anyway, because he wanted to see his friends happy.

11) He was so civil toward Carol.

Carol left him for another woman, and he still tried to get along with Susan, convinced     Carol to marry her when she was about to call the whole thing off and even walked her down the aisle because Carol’s parents decided not to come.

12) He was respectful toward women.

That one time when Ross and Rachel were spending a night in her Long Island house after her dad’s heart attack, she made a move on him and he refused to sleep with her because he didn’t want to take advantage of her emotional vulnerability, whereas any other guy would have jumped at that opportunity.

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You go Ross!

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