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20 Rose Tattoo Ideas That Are Cute AF

20 Rose Tattoo Ideas That Are Cute AF

Roses are one of the most common thing that people get tattooed on their body. It is no wonder why people do so, because of their immense beauty and symbolism within our society. Here are 20 cute AF rose tattoos that everyone will want to have!

1. Rose Tattoo with Roman Numerals

This tattoo would be an awesome way to remember a significant date in your life! For example, if someone died, or the birth of a child. This would be a great way to commemorate it.

2. Matching Rose Tattoos

Get an adorable matching rose tattoo with your best friend. This is a great way to symbolize your ever-growing and developing friendship over the years. By getting the matching tattoos, they will be a part of your forever.


3. Colorful Tattoo

If black and white tattoos are just not your thing, there are other options. Try getting a colored rose tattoo. Roses are vibrant and colorful, so why not make the tattoo more realistic.

4. Rose Tattoo With The Saying For The Stem

This tattoo is a good way to display an important phrase. The phrase could be song lyrics, words of faith, or just a saying you like. Now the words will be a constant reminder, of their value to you.

5. Geometric Rose Tattoo

If you are into tattoos with intense outlining, this could be a good option for a tattoo. This tattoo is great for someone who is artistic and loves to express themselves through their body art.


6. Rose & Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies can be so beautiful, and at the same time graceful. The rose and butterfly are both signs of beauty. It would only make sense to add them together. The tattoo with half-butterfly half rose is a good way to get the best of both worlds in one tattoo. Besides how beautiful the tattoo is.

7. Forearm Rose Tattoo

Forearms are a great place to get a tattoo that should be noticed. A flashy, or eye-catching tattoo. If the tattoo is present on the forearm, and exposed people will notice. Take pride in this! Find a flashy, and stunning tattoo to place on your forearm. A rose or a bunch of roses are great to do.

8. Behind The Ear Rose Tattoo

Contrary to the forearm tattoo, a tattoo behind the ear is cute, yet classy. This tattoo can be well disguised, and sometimes completely go unnoticed. That is the nice part about it! A tattoo would be great for this depending on different career paths. If you have a job where the tattoo needs to be hidden, get it near the ear.


9. Purple Rose Tattoo

Purple roses are gorgeous, and purple rose tattoos are rare. A purple tattoo would stand out more than a red rose tattoo. If you are feeling risky enough to do so, shoot for a purple rose tattoo. Purple is a color that signifies many things. For example, a purple ribbon for cancer or Alzheimer’s disease. The purple color is in honor of someone too.

10. Rose Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is so adorable. The heart shape formed by the stems of a rose is a wonderful tattoo idea. This a “cute” tattoo. This tattoo would be a good one to get for first-time tattoo rookies, or if you are not sure what to get.

11. Finger Rose Tattoo

A tattoo on the finger is for people who are edgy but still reserved. Depending on where the tattoo is located on the finger, it could be well hidden. If the tattoo is on the knuckles, it could be a bit harder. The tattoo would look cute with rings.


12. Outline Of A Rose

The outline of a rose is a good option for those who prefer simpler tattoos. Having just the outline of the rose, allows the tattoo artist to show the intricate design of the petals.

13. Rose & Face Tattoo

This is a very intimate rose tattoo idea or a fun tattoo to get. This tattoo would be great for artistic people. The tattoo is so simple, but not too simple. It captures the beauty in something so simple, like a person getting flowers.

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14. Ankle Rose Tattoo

Ankles are another great place to get smaller tattoos. Smaller tattoos can be hidden by wearing shoes or socks. If a bigger tattoo is preferred, getting on that covers the ankle and foot area would be a good option.

15. Rose Tattoo With A Snake

For those who are edgy and angsts, this rose tattoo idea would be a great option! It takes a special person to want a snake tattooed on their body. This would be a good tattoo going down the arm.

16. Overlapping Rose Stem

This is an adorable rose tattoo idea. This is another great simple rose tattoo idea, that does not over complicate things. This would be a cute tattoo on the wrist or rib cage.


17. Rose Tattoo With A Moon

If you are by chance a Cancer, or just love the moon, this rose tattoo that incorporates a moon would be a great fit. The rose, and moon are very iconic tattoo pieces. However, they are rarely combined.

18. Rose & Dagger Tattoo

This rose tattoo idea is another riskier tattoo. If daggers are your thing, this just may be the tattoo for you! A tattoo like this would be great on the back of the ankle. The stem of the rose could even be turned into a cursive letter to signify an important person.

19. Rose and Cross Tattoo

For anyone out there who is religious, this is the most adorable, and still spiritual rose tattoo idea. Honor your religion by getting it tattooed on your body!


20. Rose Tattoo On The Back

There is so much potential for a rose tattoo on the back. Such a cute rose tattoo idea! Down the spine would be an amazing location, and would look super unique!

Tattoos are a beautiful way to express your creativity. Let us know what rose tattoo ideas you have in mind in the comments below!