15 Rose Gold Kitchen Accessories Every Chic Kitchen Needs

If you know anything about decorating in a chic style, chances are you’re very familiar with rose gold. Rose gold has a certain beauty and elegance that makes it perfect for all kinds of decor and accessories that you can use literally anywhere. Here are 15 rose gold kitchen accessories that you should have in your kitchen.

Knife block set

This is actually a magnetic block and can hold up to 12 knives! Not to mention the glass exterior so you can see the beautiful rose gold color of the blades inside!

Herb Grinder

With 4 pieces and 3 chambers, this grinder will not only look stunning sitting on your counter, but it’ll grind up herbs better than you ever could with a mortar and pestle!

Table Runner

The sequins perfectly highlight the rose gold color. This will be one of the most standout pieces in your kitchen for sure.

Cake Stand

You don’t want to be left with no place to display the gorgeous cake you put so much hard work into. This cake stand will be equally as gorgeous as the cake itself with all the intricate filigree designs! This is one of the rose gold kitchen accessories that is great for parties.

Slate Drink Coasters

This is one of the most strikingly stylish kitchen accessories. It’s made of a natural slate, looks gorgeous, and will protect your tabletops!

Trash Can

Yes, rose gold can even make trash cans look presentable! It has a silent close lid, durable stepping pedestal, and a fingerprint-proof finish so the rose gold will always look its best!

Tool Holder

No one wants to throw all their larger utensils in a draw just to have them all get lost mysteriously somehow. Display them for easier reach with this super cute and antique rose gold utensil holder! This is one of the rose gold kitchen accessories that is easy to add some color to your space!

Pedestal Colander

This colander looks more like an art piece and less like a strainer. Nonetheless it’s completely usable and completely chic! It even has durable handles on the side to make it that much easier to use!

Salad Tongs

Okay, these are too cute, even without rose gold I’d buy them. They’re incredibly sleek and great for a lot of occasions (not just tossing salad).

Spoon Rest

It hurts my heart to think this one might actually get incredibly dirty from all the post-chili spoons that will be laid here. Maybe you can get two: one to use and one for show!

See Also

Dish Drainer

You need something to let the dishes dry until you’re ready to put them away. Why not make that thing a really cute rose gold colored draining stand?

Mesh Fruit Bowl

This one has double-walled mesh, so you know its super durable (on top of being very beautiful). The fruit bowl is one of the most stylish additions anyone can put in their kitchen, and the color and design of this particular bowl only increase the stylishness!

Salt And Pepper Shakers

Chic antique salt and pepper shakers for your everyday seasoning needs! These even have a lacquered finish to make that color really pop in your kitchen!

Which of these rose gold kitchen accessories are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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