21 Rose Gold Hairstyles That Are Total Hair Goals


If you have one of the new iPhones, or even keep up to date with life, then chances are you have heard of the color rose gold before. Rose gold is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically a light pink color. One could probably include it in the pastel section of colors. Lately, this color has become super popular, especially when it comes to hair. Pastel and colorful hair styles have been in for quite some time now. Everyone has seen at least one person walking around with a non-natural hair color. Anyway, this new rose gold hair color is becoming a new trend, and I am loving it! These people are total hair goals. If you’re like me, after seeing some of these rose gold hair styles, you may think about doing it yourself. Here are 21 rose gold hairstyles that are total hair goals!

1. This gorgeous rose gold and platinum combo.

I totally love this combination of rose gold and platinum blonde hair. It is not way in your face pink, but it is just enough that it makes a statement. Not to mention, rose gold hair looks fantastic in waves and curls. (And a little secret, I’m so inspired by this, that I am getting this done to my hair.)

2. This purpleish rose gold lob.

I also think this is a killer look. It is more color than the platinum and rose gold combination as it is a bit more purple at the top. It goes kind of into an ombre of rose gold. Long bobs, or lobs, are totally in right now, so this is putting two trends into one. It is also a great look for fall.


3. These thick gold rose highlights.

Similar to the first look, these rose gold highlights are subtle, but not too subtle. It gives blonde hair just the right amount of pop without going too crazy into color.

4. This rose gold ombre.

Another big trend is ombre, and this rose gold ombre certainly looks fabulous. It goes so perfectly with the light brown hair color. Again, not too crazy, yet super cute and different. This is a great look for all year.

5. This super bold look.

If you aren’t feeling the subtle look, you can go for this really bold rose gold style. It is a dark to light ombre, and it is super in your face. Reminds me a bit of Paramore! Super cool and chic. If you’re looking to make a statement and be different, this is total hair goals.


6. Super subtle dip dye.

If that previous picture was too much for you, here is a super subtle look with rose gold. I personally love dip died ends and think this is a super cute way of adding a little pizzazz to your hair.

 7. This strawberry blonde type of rose gold hairdo.

This girl went full rose gold hair, and it looks great. It kind of looks like a super strawberry blonde. It is a cute pastel color and a great way to show off this bomb color. This would be a great summer or spring hair style.




8. This faded style.

This is another kind of darker rose gold color. The faded look is really cool and is completely different. This would be a great hairdo for the winter season. Faded is fab.


9. Princess Kylie style.

Everyone knows that Kylie Jenner is the queen of colorful hair. She basically has a new hairstyle every other week. Kyle went total cotton candy princess with her long rose gold locks here, and it’s rockin’. Long rose gold hair makes you look like a princess.


10. This lovely fall tone.

This hue of rose gold is a great color for fall. Doesn’t it just remind you of falling leaves and pumpkin picking? Okay, maybe not. But still! Her hair is a gorgeous long length, a different and amazing rose gold tone, and has fabulous waves.


11. This rose gold bob.

This is another lob look. It’s not too dark of a rose gold color. Instead, it’s faded, like previous ones, but also more of a pinky color. The lob makes her hair look like it has a lot of volume, and it looks easy to keep. Definitely a hair goal.


12. This super dip dye ombre look.

This girl took the dip dye to such an extreme that is it almost like an ombre. And it works. The rose gold color isn’t super bright and in your face, but it shows you are super cool. Business on top, party on the bottom.


13. This interesting sherbet look.

This girl’s hair reminds me of sherbert. It’s awesome how it’s a darker, almost purple color at the top of her head and gets lighter as you goes down. It turns into a light rose gold, and then into an almost strawberry blonde color. It’s very cool and would be a style for someone looking to go with a pastel type of look.

14. These tiny, streaky rose gold highlights.

Unlike the previous style, these highlights are more hidden. They are a darker rose gold color, but look great. When you have a short bob, it can be hard to style your hair and keep it interesting. Adding some cute little highlights like this gives your bob some character. Super adorable!


15. This pink lady.

What a color! This girl went all out in a rose gold pink. If you’re looking for something exciting, this is great. I feel like I’ve never seen someone with this color hair before. It definitely will make a statement wherever you go. It’d be so cute in the summer and spring.

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16. This dark ombre.

The rose gold doesn’t really start until the bottom of the haircut, but this still looks bomb. It starts with a maroon at top and goes down to light rose gold. The darkness makes it a great color to rock during fall or winter. I don’t know what it is, but the curls are killer. I feel like the curls in all these hair styles make them even more worthy.

17. This rainbow fairy hair.

I only wish I could pull off this hairdo. It looks a bit grown out but I think that just adds to the style. I adore it. It is different shades of rose gold and pink and contrasts perfectly with her dark hair. She honestly looks like a fairy princess. I love it. The rainbow effect is great.


18. This adorable pixie cut.

If I were to get a pixie cut, I would totally do this. Again, there’s not a lot to do with short hair, so adding a little color makes it amazing. This is such a gorgeous color. It’s a light tint of rose gold, and it makes the hair shine. I’m in love.

19. This dark ‘do.

This dark rose gold lob is so cute. It’s a great color. I especially love how it matches her lipstick. It is not too crazy of a hue that people would say “pink hair”, but it’s just the right color to make things interesting. Again, loving the waves. I think it really works with this color.



20. This very faint ombre.

If you want some color in your life, but don’t want to fully commit, this could be for you. Her caramel hair flows perfectly into this faint rose gold ombre. It’s so beautiful and elegant, while being chic and trendy.

21. This cool contrast.

I love this interesting color contrast of the rose cold hues. It’s very cool how it is pinker in the front and grows lighter as it goes on. It’s a really different haircut. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this color before, but it’s very tempting to copy.



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