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15 Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings You’ll Fall In Love With

15 Unique Rose Gold Engagement Rings You’ll Fall In Love With

Take a look at these stunning rose gold engagement rings that leave a statement. Whichever rose gold band you may prefer, we have one for you.

We’ve all fantasized about our weddings before. Most of us probably have a Dream Wedding board on Pinterest with engagement ring styles, bridal gowns, party favors and bridesmaids dresses. No wedding board would be complete without a full selection of engagement rings for your future fiance to pick from! Rose gold engagement rings are more than just trendy metal; they make for gorgeous backdrops for any stone of your choosing!

Detailed Band

This gorgeous engagement ring has morganite as the centerpiece with diamonds to frame the outside. They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but I say individualism is! With this ring, your finger will demand all the attention in the room.

Heart Band

Like the first ring, this one incorporates rose gold and morganite into a beautiful piece that will inspire your current or future love life with the heart woven into the metal!


Halo Style

While the morganite rings are gorgeous, diamonds provide a beautiful color contrast with the rose gold. A delicate band and a halo to complement the main feature! This is one of the most elegant rose gold engagement rings.

Embellished Stone

Not only does the rose gold make for a beautiful backdrop, but the shape of this ring is so unique! Halos are usually closer set and the stones a little smaller, but the flower shape is so cute!

Pear Shape

Circles and ovals are great, but pear shaped rings are becoming more and more popular! This one has a small band, an amazing center cut stone, and plenty of freedom to choose whatever wedding band you want!


Chain Link Band

While I love a good square cut ring, I think my favorite part of this piece is the band. They’re like chain links, each piece connecting one to the next!

Stacked Bands

I showed you another pear shaped piece up above, but this one is just as stunning! Three bands instead of just the one to make it three times as unique! This is another of the rose gold engagement rings that will turn heads.

Royal Style

Rose gold…pear shaped…vintage…need I say more? This ring not only has intertwining bands, but a third band that loops up to crown the ring. Royalty? I think yes!


Blue Stone

The first thing I thought when I saw this ring was, ‘Cinderella.’ Delicate, elegant, vintage… the only thing that will shine brighter than you wearing this ring is, well…the ring!

Curved Band

This sophisticated encircling of the gorgeous circular diamond will make your wedding board complete!

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Raised Cut

This ring is such an eclectic blend of shapes, I don’t even know which part to look at first. The halo is almost more captivating than the center stone, and then you look at the intricate triangular detail on the side…yes and yes!

Pearl Encrusted

One more pear shaped one for you to fall in love with…pearls are more traditionally associated with a necklace or a pair of earrings, but they make a perfect addition to this ring – almost like a tiara!

Dark Stone

Now that we’ve covered our bases on the traditional diamond rings, here are a few more non-traditional stones to capture your heart! This one isn’t a regular diamond; it’s a black diamond. It may not capture the light in the same way a clear diamond would, but it will capture attention the same way! Not to mention that diamonds are the most resilient stone of them all, which is why they make such great engagement rings.


Bold And Bright

Something borrowed, something blue…oh wait! It’s not your wedding quite yet…but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared!

Victorian Ruby

Now, I may be impartial, but this one is my absolute favorite! Not only are rubies a gorgeous stone, but the design of the rose gold, the intricacy of the metal, the diamonds laid around the outside… This ring is fit for a princess!

Which of these rose gold engagement rings do you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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