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12 Roommate Struggles All College Students Can Understand

12 Roommate Struggles All College Students Can Understand

These roommate struggles can be understood by any college student out there! Here are the top roommate struggles you can probably relate to.

Can’t live with ’em… can’t live without ’em.  Living with roommates can be the best time of your life, but you will no doubt face some struggles along the way.  Here are 12 roommate struggles all college students can understand.

1. Different Sleep Schedule

Whether it’s staying up late and sleeping in, or hitting the hay early to rise early the following morning, always be respectful of your roommates sleeping schedule.  Sleep is important for everyone in order to keep a clear head.

12 Roommate Struggles All College Students Can Understand

2. Making Plans

Always personally extend an invite to each roommate whenever plans are made. Being left out is hurtful and can create space in any friendship. Try planning a girls day during the weekend.  This is a great way to bond and build a friendship with your roommates.


3. Sharing Food

So… you just realized you ran out of coffee creamer and already made your coffee, but your in luck! Your roommate always has creamer on deck.  Stop what you’re doing and shoot your roommate a quick text asking to use some before you take it without asking.  This builds trust and also prevents a future argument.

12 Roommate Struggles All College Students Can Understand


4. Having Guests Over

Having company over should be no big deal IF you plan ahead with your roommates.  Let them know and ask them if they would mind before throwing a party or having a few friends over.

5. Grocery Shopping

Work out with your roommates if you would rather split the grocery bill between all of you, or if you’d rather go solo to the grocery store.  Also, it is always a nice gesture to let your roommate know you are heading to do some grocery shopping. Carpooling is always a good idea and now you have company!

12 Roommate Struggles All College Students Can Understand


6. Getting Locked Out

We all have those days.  Letting in a roommie once or twice is no big deal, but if it becomes a frequent re-occurrence, it may be time to have a talk with them about getting a new key… which can be pricey in some situations.

7. Cliques

If there are small cliques forming within your living space that doesn’t include all of the roommates, this is definitely something that should be discussed.  It is never fun to be the odd one out, especially in a close living space. Always communicate if you are feeling unhappy because of your roommates’ actions.

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8. Cleaning And Chores

The easiest way to work around someone not pulling their weight with chores is to make a weekly schedule.  Some crucial chores can include doing the dishes, taking the trash out, and wiping down the counters and stove.

9. Paying Housing Bills On Time

In most situations, the electric bill is in one of the roommate’s name.  Always be sure to pay this roommate on time in order to keep a good relationship and stay on top of your housing bills.

10. Borrowing Clothes

Borrowing clothes can double as a pro and a con to having roommates.  If you borrow something, always ask.  It is also respectful to wash it before returning it to your roommate. A cute thank you note wouldn’t hurt either.


11. Respecting Space

Respecting your roommates space is crucial.  If they have a big test approaching or a lot on their hands with school, respect their space and let them buckle down.

12. Cleanliness

It is important for each person to pull their weight with cleaning up after themselves in order to make your living space as comfortable for everyone as possible.

Keeping a good relationship with your roommates can be difficult at times, but if there is open communication between everyone, living side by side will be a breeze.
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