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Roommate Struggles All Baylor University Students Can Understand

Roommate Struggles All Baylor University Students Can Understand

Roommate Struggles All Baylor University Students Can Understand

Your first year of college has tons of new experiences, like living on your own. It also has its struggles…like living on your own. At Baylor, freshmen are required to live on campus for the first year. You think you’ve seen it all until you live under the same roof with a complete stranger. Not even a private Christian school can protect you from these 12 struggles of having a roommate.

1. They never turn their light off.

Seriously? It’s almost 1AM, and you have chapel in the morning. You tried being in bed by 11 but your roommate is still struggling to manage their time just yet and waits until nighttime to get stuff done. This would be okay if they hadn’t been napping for the past four hours.

2. Their. Stuff. Is. Everywhere.

Living in a dorm that hasn’t been renovated since your parents were students is bad enough. Being cramped in that tiny space with someone you barely know doesn’t make it any better. On top of that, any free space you had is being occupied by your roommate. You know what a real struggle is? Trying to get to the bathroom in the dark without tripping over something that ISN’T EVEN YOURS.


3. Your snacks suddenly disappear.

You’re not sure if your roommate can read or not, but the care package your mom sent you was clearly addressed to you and only you. Just because they only get cravings when the dining halls are closed doesn’t mean they get to invade your secret stash.

4. They invite people over when you’re trying to study.

You get too distracted when you try to study at Moody, but the quiet area kind of freaks you out. Plus, it’s a long walk anyways. You figure it’ll be fine to study in the privacy of your own room, right? WRONG. There are five people in your room, two of them are on your bed, and you don’t know any of them except for your roommate. A couple hours later and they’re still there, only now they’re talking so loud you can’t even concentrate.

12 Roommate Struggles All Baylor University Students Can Understand

5. Or, they never leave you alone.

Just because we live together doesn’t mean we have to spend every moment together. We’re roommates, not engaged.


6. They don’t know how to clean because they were never taught, so you end up having to vacuum all the freaking time.

Just because I never had a maid doesn’t mean you’re exempt from cleaning duties. Grab a broom, Cinderella, and let’s get to work!

7. They get you sick all the time.

Everything is great until midterm season. Suddenly you can’t breathe out of your nose and your entire body aches. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem…except you have four tests and a paper coming up in the next few weeks and you barely have enough time to eat, let alone be sick. Now that you think about it, your roomie had the same symptoms a few days ago. Now you’re trying to remember if they washed their hands before touching your things when you should be studying.

8. You never knew you had a pet peeve until you lived with them.

Snoring. Leaving dirty clothes everywhere. Always leaving the TV on. Who knew they’d drive you crazy?


9. They have a problem with you, but won’t talk to you about it.

It’s been a little too quiet around the room. You think maybe your roomie is just dealing with a lot, but then your CL asks to speak with you. All of a sudden you’re hearing about issues you’re having with your roommate that you didn’t know about until right now. Since when did they have a problem? And why didn’t they talk to you first? Is refilling the Brita pitcher really THAT big of a deal?

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10. They don’t share your appreciation for football games.

What do you MEAN you’re not going to run the Line? Are you crazy?! It’s the TCU game!


11. They set ten alarms and snooze every single one of them.

You’re considering buying them the alarm clock and jumps off the nightstand and runs around, just so they’ll have to get out of bed.

12. You’re fed up by Christmas and have to spend another semester with them.

The next five months will be the longest months of your life. On the bright side, there are plenty of apartment complexes that are practically begging to have you sign a lease with your new friends. Until then, be sure to hide your snacks and use your Germ-X!

12 Roommate Struggles All Baylor University Students Can Understand


Roommate struggles are temporary, but your college memories are forever. Try not to let a few bad situations get in the way of an otherwise great year.

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