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10 Rooftop Bars You Need to Try in NYC

10 Rooftop Bars You Need to Try in NYC

Summer is finally upon us and you know what that means- rooftop season! Not only does NYC have a beautiful skyline to boast, but also it has a variety of rooftop bars and restaurants that offer a gorgeous view and delicious cocktails to complement your evening in the clouds.

1. Refinery Rooftop

This rooftop restaurant and bar located in Midtown Manhattan has it all: bar, food, and a view of the Empire State building. It’s situated on the roof of the Refinery Hotel and is 10 times more magical in the summer with string lights and a patio.


2. Mr. Purple

Located in the Lower East Side on the roof of the Hotel Indigo, Mr. Purple is a popular rooftop bar amongst young Manhattanites and comes alive at happy hour and lasts all night long. It has a spacious outdoor area with lounge furniture and views all around.

3. The Monarch

One of NYC’s most modern rooftops, The Monarch is ideally located in the heart of Herald Sq. and boasts spectacular views of the Empire State Building. Come for the view and chic outdoor furniture, and stay for their specialty spicy margaritas.


4. 230 Fifth Rooftop

One of NYC’s largest rooftop gardens and enclosed lounge areas, the 230 Fifth Rooftop has an atmosphere perfect for meeting friends for a drink or spending a lazy Saturday afternoon lounging. In the winter they even construct glowing see-through igloos so you still have access to a fantastic view.


5. Cloud Social 

Located in Koreatown, this dainty Midtown rooftop is popular for post-work drinks on weekdays and boasts a covered bar area and outdoor lounge section. They offer everything from summer cocktails (strawberry frosé anyone?) to small bites and even have a separate seating area for smokers which draws in a variety of Europeans and college students hitting the Juul. 

6. St. Cloud Rooftop Bar

This rooftop is situated in Times Square on the roof of the Knickerbocker Hotel and boasts 3 plush Sky Pods in the corners that have a view that just can’t be beaten. This spot is best during weekdays for a happy hour or on a late-night, and in the summer when New Yorkers flee to the Hamptons, you might just be lucky enough to snag a corner spot. 


7. Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Located at the Moxy Hotel, the Magic Hour Rooftop is as magical as it sounds, complete with string lights and plush red seating areas. It also features an “urban amusement park” that includes carousel seating, giant topiary gardens, and even a mini-golf area featuring amusing cartoon characters posing oh so flirty. There are multiple bars and seating areas here which have their own vibes and menus respectively and increase the aura of indulgence and good old fun. 

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8. Westlight

This new sky-high bar and restaurant in the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn boasts a brilliant menu that’s as appetizing as the expansive view of Manhattan. The cocktail list is also broken down into “Westlight Originals” and “Westlight Classics.” Clearly, on-trend, this fabulous new Brooklyn spot offers a spacious retreat and equally refreshing views of the Big Apple. 


9. Gallow Green

If you’d like to escape the harsh greys of the concrete jungle, then look no further than Gallow Green. This fancy rooftop welcomes diners in lush greenery that absolutely makes you forget you’re in the unbearable heat of a New York City Summer. 

10. Upstairs 

This gorgeous spot sits atop the Kimberly Hotel and offers unparalleled views of NYC’s Chrysler building and an elegant seating area to sip your post-work cocktail. This chic penthouse bar and lounge set between Midtown and the Upper East Side and is decidedly a little removed from the bustling happy hour crowds further downtown.


Which of these NYC rooftop bars and restaurants will be your favorite this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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