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Romantic Travel Destinations For Adventurous Couples

Romantic Travel Destinations For Adventurous Couples

There are few things more exciting than traveling somewhere new with your significant other. Sharing stunning vistas, indulging in delicious and unexpected meals, and even floundering through the unexpected difficulties that come with foreign cultures is all exhilarating when done with someone you love. If you and your partner are planning your next big trip and are looking for a little excitement (not that last winter holed up in a snowy cabin in the mountains wasn’t… cozy), here are some of the best romantic travel destinations to mark your calendars with!

1. Gaze at the Northern Lights in Tromso, Norway

The largest city in northern Norway, Tromso boasts spectacular access to the Northern Lights between September and April. Spend a romantic evening curled up next to your partner as you watch the sky dance in color, an overwhelming experience neither of you will soon forget. While you’ll want to spend all your evenings with your eyes on the sky, daytime adventures can include snowshoeing, whale watching, playing with local reindeer and huskies, or just hiking the nearby mountains and taking in the expansive fjords. 

2. Swim in one of Mexico’s Many Cenotes

While Mexico’s beaches are typically thought of as a romantic destination, branch out for a more special experience. Mexico’s center boasts a variety of scattered cenotes, underground sinkholes filled with fresh groundwater. The water may be chilling, but there are few things more spectacular than swimming in crystal clear water with your partner, illuminated by a thin trickle of sunlight coming from a small hole in the ceiling. Do some research and pick a less popular spot so you can keep the magic between the two of you.  


3. Ride a Mule Along Molokai’s Cliffs in Hawaii 

Tackle steep and rocky cliffs, narrow and unpredictable terrain, and absolutely gorgeous vistas on the backside of a friendly mule. Mule tours in Molokai, Hawaii offer you and your partner an experience that is simultaneously memorable and exhilarating. The mules are well-looked after and guides will inform you about the local culture and history as you trek down 1,700 feet. Laugh together as your mules prove uncooperative, hold each other as you stop to soak in the views, and relax after a long, hot day in a local Airbnb with a great hot tub.

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4. Take to the Skies in a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia, Turkey 

A trip to Turkey is great for any travel savvy couple interested in learning about the country’s rich history, indulging in Turkish baths, and trying delicious Mediterranean foods. However, a romantic trip to Turkey would not be complete without spending some time in Cappadocia, a region shaped by volcanic eruptions that now boasts networks of caves and ancient cities amid the unique looking mountainous structures. Spend the night in a cave and watch the hundreds of air balloons that rise throughout the region every day, or, if you’re feeling brave, hop in a hot air balloon yourself.


5. Mix Romance and Adventure in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Finally, seek sultry adventure in Zanzibar. Visit the historic old quarter of Stone Town and wander down the twisting passageways, stopping into boutiques for locally made jewelry or making your way to a rooftop for a romantic dinner. Spend your date nights strolling along the long stretches of lovely coastline, picking either the more remote sections of the beach or the more happening areas closer to town depending on your mood. If you do plan a visit, be sure to explore Zanzibar’s exotic indigenous wildlife at the Ngezi Forest Reserve nearby.

Which of these romantic travel destinations looks the best to you? Let us know in the comments section!

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