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Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be hard. Here are five romantic letter ideas to send to your sweetie to let them know how much you care.

Being in a healthy relationship takes a lot of time, understanding, and strong communication. Even the best relationship still have certain aspects where it needs to be work. Keeping the romance alive is one of those problems that can come up. When we are with someone for a long time, we tend to develop ruts and have to work on keeping the romance alive. It can be pretty simple when you are face to face and are able to say to them, “We need a romantic date! Lets go!” But what do you do to keep the romance alive when miles, or even oceans, separate you? Well, there is an old school system that is used in essentially every other romance movie there is. Letters. More importantly love letters. Taking the time to put your thoughts down for someone you love can be one of the grandest of gestures. If you don’t consider yourself a writer, we got you covered, cause we have eight romantic letter ideas to help you fight your love sick heart.

Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

1. How Much You Love Them

If you are trying to make a relationship work even though they are miles away than chances are you really love this person. So let them know how much you love them! Long distance can be so hard at times and even the strongest relationships can still have doubts that it is going to work, so reassure them of your love and that everything will work out for the two of you in the end.

2. What You Thought When You First Met Them

The cutest moment in the romance movies is when the main character meets their love interest. Remind your special someone about the moment they came into your life and how special it is to you. If you two started off as friends first and then your relationship turned romantic, than write about the moment you knew they were the one for you. Revisiting these moments will bring a smile to their face as they read them and remind them of how special you are to them.

Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

3. A Special Day You Spent Together

We all have those moments when we disappear into our minds for a second and think of that amazing day we had with the one we love. When we are separated from them it is those special moments that keep them with us everyday. If you are walking down the street and something reminds you of a memory the two of you shared, than write to them about it. They’ll love the reminder of the moment and the letter will show that they are always on mind.

4. What You Want To Do To Them

When you are in a long distance relationship it means that there will be long stretches where you are not getting any of that sexual kind of loving. So let us just say it, you’re going to get horny! It’s going to happen eventually and even if you handle the situation yourself, there is still going to be a lot of built up. So put all of the urges into a letter. Having to read pages of what you like to do to them instead of sending them “U up” will do wonders for the distance. Even better it will make the anticipation until you see them again all the more delicious.

Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

5. A Poem

Now don’t freak out. No one is expecting you to be Shakespeare, but writing a poem about who your missing is a sweet thought. It doesn’t even have to be a romantic poem. It doesn’t even have to be a good poem. If you want to write a poem all about their butt than do it! A laugh is just as good as a sweet sentiment.

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6. What It Is Like To Miss Them

Not everyday is going to be all sunshine and rainbows when you are in a long distance relationship. A lot of those days are going to be filled with storm clouds and that is okay, but you shouldn’t keep those feelings to yourself. You should never keep feelings bottled up just because you are trying to be strong for the other person. Whether you are separate by two blocks or five states you should always share what you are feeling. Chances are they are feeling exactly the same way.

Romantic Letter Ideas For Your Long Distance Relationship

7. A Plan For The Next Time You’re Together

Within the long gaps of seeing each other there are going to be plenty of moments when we wish they were there. Even more so when you see some sort of event that you’d know they love. Instead of letting the moment get you down, just start making a list of all those activities. In your next letter you can write about how excited you are for the next time you see them and all you have planned.  All the effort your making will show and they will be able to tell how thrilled you are to see them again.

8. Why You’ll Always Want To Make It Work

Even if you are constantly reassuring each other that you will make it work, even the best of us would probably have some doubts. Instead of just telling them your relationship will make it through over the phone, write them a letter about all the reasons why you’d never give up on the two of you. While you might think they know how you feel about everything, and maybe they really do, there are still something we need to be reassured of sometimes. You will be able to make it through anything just as long as you don’t lose sight of what you’re fighting for.

It is so hard to be separated by someone you love so much. While texts, phone calls, and video chats are great at keeping us connected we will always crave more of that one person absent in our lives. To make it feel like you are right next to them always, try a few of these romantic letter ideas. It will make the distance between you feel so much smaller until the next time you see them.
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