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15 Romantic Gestures Any College Guy Can Make That Cost $0

15 Romantic Gestures Any College Guy Can Make That Cost $0

Dating in college can be hard, especially when you're short on cash. Guys, here are some romantic gestures any college guy can make that don't cost a thing!

College is a struggle, especially when it comes to money. Fancy and expensive dates are great, but only on occasion. If you’re in a relationship or trying to woo a potential bae and you want to spice things up and show some extra love, here are fifteen romantic gestures you can make that will make her day without spending any money!

1. Arrange a romantic picnic right on campus.

Go get some of her favorite foods from the dining hall, lay out a blanket, and eat some lunch on a nice warm day. It isn’t a four-course meal, but she will appreciate your effort to spend some quality time with her.

picnics are such cute romantic gestures!


2. Take her to see the stars late at night.

Spontaneously get her out of bed and take her to an open space on campus. Bring a few fuzzy blankets, one to lay on and the other to cover up with. Watch the stars and talk about life with her, I promise she will melt.

3. Pick her some wildflowers and bring them to her.

Girls love unexpected things, so when you go to see her next time, bring some wildflowers that you found and picked. It doesn’t matter where you get them, what matters is the huge smile on her face when you give them to her.


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4. Write her a note and hide it somewhere for her to find.

If you want to show her you love her, a quick note would do the trick. Also, it is a perfect keepsake for her to save as time goes on. Tell her you love her and why you love her, and slip it into her backpack, a random notebook, or even in her laptop. It will make her day.


5. Make her a playlist and send her the link to it.

Let her see your romantic side and make her a playlist of all of the songs that tell her how you truly feel about her. I guarantee she will light up at this personalized gesture and will listen to it more than she is willing to admit.

6. Watch a sappy romantic movie on Netflix and snuggle her.

Let her pick a “chick-flick” of her choosing, and watch it with her without complaining. Cuddle her into oblivion. If you want brownie points, steal whatever junk food you can find at the dining hall and surprise her with it.


7. Give her a relaxing massage.

If you notice she is hardcore stressing out one day, tell her to lay down and rub her back, shoulders, neck, etc. She will relax and feel loved.


8. Send her a long random text in the middle of the night.

She will start her day with a huge smile on her face.

9. Take pictures of her, not to post but just for you.

Show her that you love the way she looks. Show her you are proud to call her yours. If she looks good, snap a pic for your library. Even if she is in sweats and yelling at you to stop taking pictures, I promise she secretly loves it.


10. Ditch the phones and go for a walk, get lost together.

If it is nice out go on an adventure, and leave your phones home. Walk down streets, through the woods, etc. Be random, take turns deciding which ways to go and have fun with it!


11. Make her a list of all the adventures you want to take her on someday, and slip it under her door at night.

Even if you can’t afford it now, she will appreciate the hope you have for your future and all of the fun times you plan to share with her.

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12. Cover her mirror in post-it notes that say all of the reasons you love her.

Even if you think she already knows why you love her, telling her time and time again won’t hurt. And everyone has a stack of post-it notes stashed away somewhere.

13. Slow dance with her randomly.

She won’t expect it, but she will love it.


14. Create a candlelit game night.

Get some board games that you have lying around or borrow one from the college or even a friend. Find every candle you have or she has and light them. Shut the lights off and play the game together in the candle light. It gives a romantic yet playful feel to the night, and it is free!


15. Take a minute to tell her how you feel in detail.

She will love every second of it, and appreciate you opening up to her that much. That is worth more than anything money can buy.

Money can’t buy everything, especially when it comes to love. Show her you care in simple yet cute ways because in the end, it is the little things that really add up to mean the most. These 15 things are free, but the love you share is priceless.

Can you think of any more romantic gestures that don’t cost a thing? Let us know in the comments!
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