10 Romantic Fall Date Ideas

Doing the same thing with your date can get old. Fall is coming and there’s probably a lot going on that you don’t know of in the city or town you are in. Here are 10 fall date ideas to have more fun with your man or lady.

1. Attend a football game at your school.

What’s more classically romantic than a football game with your sweetheart? You get to cheer on your school and maybe even snuggle up a little on the bleachers. This is also a great option if you haven’t been seeing each other long and want more of a casual date with friends.


2. Lay out a picnic at your local park.

Put together a basket together with a trip to the supermarket or your favorite take-out place, grab a blanket and maybe a few candles, and you have an instantly romantic evening ahead of you.


3. Take a stroll through a museum.

Get intellectual with your boo, for me there’s nothing hotter than a smart and educated guy that can discuss Kant, the Cretaceous Era, or Rembrandt. Some museums will even have special evening hours or events with shows and food so do some research first.

4. Spend an afternoon on a coffee-tasting adventure.

If the area you live in or your campus itself has several coffee shops, try spending the afternoon hitting up a few of them and comparing their best pour-overs. If you’re not into coffee, the same concept can be applied to any other food or drink you and your guy like.

5. Try a roulette restaurant date night.

Scroll through Yelp’s nearby restaurants page with your eyes closed and tap on one at random. This is a great way to break up the date night monotony at the “usual place” and to motivate both to try something new. This can lead to some special moments and brings some adventure to your evening.

6. Fall treats and a movie in.

Heat up some cider or hot chocolate and snuggle up with a couple caramel apples and a bowl of candy corn under some blankets and get caught up on your favorite shows or watch a movie together. This is a great to reconnect with your man or lady after a long week.

7. Double up “his and hers” activities.

Spend a few hours trying one of his favorite hobbies especially if it’s something you’d never try otherwise. Even if you’re terrible at paintball or video games or whatever your bae is into, he’ll love that you wanted to try something that he loves to do. Then have him try something that YOU love, even if it’s “girly”. This way both of you get to show each other how much you value their opinions and interests and you get to broaden your each other’s horizons.

8. Take a walk around campus at dusk and check out one of your university’s events.

If you live in the northern part of the country like I do, fall evenings are not only beautiful but also one of the last times you’ll be able to spend time outside before it becomes a polar wasteland. Take a stroll with your sweetie and see your campus in a new light together. Then check out one of the comedy productions, plays, musicals, lecture series, or themed events that schools and student organizations put on in the fall to welcome students back to campus and attract new members. This gives something out of the ordinary to do and you can take advantage of the low to no cost entertainment students have access to.

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9. Go to a concert together.

Take a road trip to your nearest city to see a band that you both like. This is perfect for the fall before you both get buried under work and/or snow. The crowds, flashing lights, and baseline pounding through your chest are the epitome of modern romance.


10. Pick a costume and party for Halloween.

If your one of those people that put a lot of thought into your Halloween costume, invite your boo to pick a costume together. You could even partner up and go for a couple’s costume. Do your research for the best Halloween parties in your campus and try to not stick to one, together you can show up to a few parties or bars in the same night.

Do you have any romantic fall date ideas? Let us know down below in the comments!

Ellen Harris

Ellen Harris is a pre-med bio major at the University of Chicago. She enjoys drinking good coffee, exploring Chicago, and napping.

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