Romantic Decorating Ideas For A Couple Space

There are many romantic decorating ideas you can try in your couple space that are sentimental, classy, and beautiful. If you are looking for new ways to show your love, affection, and attachment to your significant other in your shared living space, here are some suggestions you can try that not only will warm each of your hearts when you are around them, they also can make great gifts that both of you can enjoy in your home.

Photo Collage

There are any number of photos taken of a couple, as well as by each person in a couple, so why not pick some of your favorites and turn them into a romantic decorating idea? You can do a photo collage that is themed such as a winter photo collage where all the photos of one or both of you are taken during winter time. This can also be used for any other seasons you desire, and you can also do color themes.


For a couple that also has shared animals, another fantastic idea is one or more photo collages of your beloved pets. These can consist of some of the cutest, silliest photos of them. Any photos with you and/or your significant other in them with the pet or pets just makes this type of collage all the more endearing. 

There are many different photo collage styles that you can choose from including different colors, arrangements of photo sizes, and outlay. Some photo collage frames also come in romantic shapes and colors themselves including heart shapes for example.



A great romantic decorating idea is also to play around with the lighting you have and choose for your shared couple space. Here it may help to think about the individual characteristics of your unique relationship. If the both of you really enjoy fall, make sure you have some fall lighting to put up seasonally. Any other holiday lights can make your space really enjoyable and ultimately romantic. Mood lighting can also be created by dimmable lights in whatever room or rooms you desire, especially the bedroom!

Any different colors you both enjoy can also be used toward lighting to create a pleasant atmosphere that encourages positivity and romance. Colors often associated with romance and romantic feelings can include but are certainly not limited to variations of red, gold, and pink. What colors do you most enjoy as a couple? Aspects like this that are specially personalized to your relationship are a very romantic way of continually showing the care and value you have toward your significant other.



Another romantic decorating idea is to show your affection through the art you choose and show value in by putting it up, including where you choose to display it. If your significant other does any art, especially on holidays or on the occasion where they give you some hand-made item, put it up and show it off! There are few things more endearing and romance-encouraging than being shown that the hand-made stuff given to your significant other is valued and loved, showing that you are too. 

Especially with whatever hobbies you and your significant other have, figure out how you can display parts of those hobbies and interests of each other around your shared space. If they like art, poetry, nature, or sports for some examples, how can you put up art showing value for those interests. Another great idea is to key those interests in art of your own. How can you show your love for them and their love of football in a piece?


This type of personalization and attention to their personality can be very romantic. And these art pieces can be greatly diverse as well given your different talents. You can display wall art, drawings, paintings, and sculptures of your own, theirs, or a combination. If you like making bird houses, make them a bird house that includes aspects of their hobbies or likes. You can make something with aspects of both your interests and likes. Show your love through creation that becomes unique decoration.

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When one or the both of you share interest or get inspiration for a quote or piece of writing, integrating that in art and decoration can be a really romantic decorating idea. These like the art suggestions have many nice variations in style, integrations, and whether they are handmade, not, or a mixture. Putting up art including words and quotes that are meaningful to one or both of you can be both romantic and inspiring. 

Putting up or making art out of your words and writings to each other is one of the most romantic decorating ideas. Write letters, messages, and poems for each other and then later use them in your art, decorate them, or just the simple act of displaying them can show your love and for the pieces and the person. You may not remember what they bought you that year but you certainly remember the card that went along with it, and the loving words. A way to class this suggestion up is with a nice frame.



There are few things more romantic than candles. Nothing says mood lighting and the scents of love and romance quite like candles put up around the home you share with your significant other. There are many different colors and scents you can get in candles to accent your home, different rooms, and their different aesthetics. 

Not just for special occasions, candles are a lovely, warm accent to your living room on twilight evenings with your love. They are also beautiful decorations in a bathroom or bedroom setting as well as turning a room into instant romance potential. There are many artistic ways to arrange them as well as buying seasonal ones that are more specific to your taste and interests as a couple.


The most romantic decorating ideas for your couple space rely on the individual personality and interests of both individuals. Any unique ways to say “I love you” with colors, lighting, and personalized art can turn a space into a romantic home that celebrates your relationship. Let us know in the comments what you thought of these suggestions for a romantic couple space!

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