Romantic Date Ideas For Valentines Day That Aren’t Dinner Reservations

Date ideas for Valentines Day are usually cliché and particularly stressful; often times they’re overrated if you ask me. However, just because Hallmark’s holiday adds some unnecessary pressure into our love lives, doesn’t mean you can’t come up with some clever date ideas for Valentines Day. Here is a list of romantic date ideas for Valentines Day. The list ranges from cheap date ideas for Valentines Day to fun ideas for Valentines Day dates.

The Best Date Ideas for Valentines Day

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Jazz Club

Going to a jazz club is one of the romantic date ideas for Valentines Day. Jazz clubs are notorious for setting up a sexy ambiance perfect for Valentines Day. You can sip on a few cocktails together and enjoy suave Jazz tunes. It’s like the scene in La La Land which is downright epic. This is truly a perfect Valentines Day date idea for the both of you.

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Drinks at a Speakeasy

I’m talking about a real speakeasy not some janky cocktail club. This is a great Valentines Day date cause it creates a secluded and private ambiance. Valentines Day ambiance comes around once a year so why not make the most of it? This is one of those date ideas for Valentines Day that’s perfect for a couple really looking to spice up their evening. Secrets make everything fun and sipping on top-notch cocktails is always a must.

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Woods Retreat

This is an incredibly romantic Valentines Day date idea. This is one of those date ideas for Valentines Day if the two of you have been together for a while. There is nothing better than a crackling fire, bottle of wine and some private alone time. Truly, this is the ultimate romantic Valentines Day idea. Unplug from the world and spend quality time together. house, cabin, and forest image

Spa Day

This is an indulgent Valentines Day date idea. It will absolutely get her bragging about you to all her friends that’s for sure. Unwind together with a Valentines Day couples massage. This is number one on the couples Valentines day ideas list; it may not make a creative Valentines day ideas list but it sure is, winter, and lights image

Burlesque Show

A Burlesque show is by far, a spicy Valentines Day date idea. If you feel bold enough to give it a go with someone you just met, you absolutely should! Watching the art of seduction is a perfect way to spice up your Valentines Day. This is one romantic and sexy Valentines Day idea.

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Cooking Class

A cooking class is a one of the cliché Valentines Day date ideas but it’s usually a romantic Valentines Day date option. The two of you get to bond and taste good wine and food. Check out any cooking classes on Valentines Day that appeal to the both of you and give it a go. love, couple, and hug image

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Play Board Games

This is a cheap Valentines Day date idea that will bring you back to your childhood. Whip out a few of your favorite childhood board games and call it a date night. You can bond over chutes and ladders and play scrabble. Crack open a bottle of wine and call it a night. Recreate some sort of fire ambiance as well and that will top off your Valentines Day night.candyland image

Star Gaze

Star gazing is a free Valentines Day date idea but you’ll want to bring some reinforcements. Chocolates and wine will be the ultimate romantic Valentines Day date idea for those of you looking to keep a very low budget. Find a great place away from the city to look at the stars. Bring a few blankets with you as well because chances are it’ll get and friends image

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Got any romantic date ideas for Valentines Day?

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