5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

Road trips are a lot of fun and I’m sure lot’s of us like to go on them, especially during the summer holiday that’s just arrived or on the weekends! Sometimes it’s easy to just hop in the car and go, but it’s important to pack wisely for your road trip – no matter if it’s for a day, a weekend, a week, or longer.

Below I’ve put together a list of 5 road trip essentials that will make sure you’re road trip is one of the best and most comfy you’ve ever taken! Let’s get packing.

1. Your Favorite Snacks And Drinks

Going on a road trip usually means lots of hours spend in the car! If you’re anything like me, that means you’re eventually going to get hungry. So it’s important that you come prepared by packing some of your favorite snacks for the road.

That way when the hunger hits you already have your favorite things with you, and you don’t have to worry about trying to find a place to stop and get something. You may even get more time to explore since you’re not stopping every now and then for snacks since you already have all of your faves with you!

Don’t forget to bring some water and your favorite sodas or energy drinks. That way you can stay awake for the drive and hydrated! Pack all of this in a little cooler before the road trip so it will stay fresh and tasty.

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

2. Sunnies

Next on our list of road trip essentials is a good pair of sunnies! You may already have some, but a little trick you can do is purchase a pair at the gas station while you’re on the road trip. This way you can have a little memory from your vacation with a cute pair of sunnies.

Purchasing sunnies from the gas station is great because it will save you lots of money, and they’re just as cute as the expensive ones! You couldn’t even notice difference if you saw people wearing them side by side.

They get the job done, and if you happen to lose them or accidentally sit on them in the seat during your road trip, you won’t be losing lots of money! You can just stop and grab another pair. This is one of my favorites on this list of road trip essentials!

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

3. Good Playlist

Before you go on a road trip it’s important to prepare a good playlist. That way you won’t have to be skipping songs while you’re driving and the passengers won’t have to worry about it either.

If you’re going with a group, everyone can contribute to the playlist and add their favorite songs so while you’re driving you can all jam out together!

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need Asap

4. Map

The next of our road trip essentials is absolutely essential for a successful trip. Although you may have google maps, or a map on your car, that’s not enough! Before you go on the trip you need to grab an old fashioned paper map and research where you’ll be going.

Circle the places you think you might like to check out and make a list of everything you want to explore. This will help keep your road trip more organized. You’ll have set destinations that you’re going to be traveling to, and you can even use the map to discover more adventures once you’re on the road.

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You don’t have to have everything planned out, but it’s important to at least have a rough sketch of some things you’d like to do. That way you won’t get confused when you’re on the road and you can have more time to just have fun!

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

5. Comfy Shoes

Last but definitely not least, you will need some comfortable shoes! Whether you’re driving or a passenger, it’s important to have comfy shoes that you can easily slip in and out of.

If you’re a passenger this is great because while you’re on the road you can slip off your shoes and relax. If you’re driving it’s even more important to have some comfy shoes on your feet for the long hours you will be spending behind the wheel.

Comfort is one of the road trip essentials that will ensure you have a great time on your trip!

5 Road Trip Essentials You Need Asap

From a great playlist to comfy shoes, we’ve got you covered for the road trip essentials you’ll need to ensure a great time. Tell us about your road trip adventures in the comments below!

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Road Trip Essentials, 5 Road Trip Essentials You Need ASAP

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