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Road Trip Essentials Everyone Needs

Road Trip Essentials Everyone Needs

1. Snacks

Snacks are a definite must-have on a road trip. You tend to eat foods that you wouldn’t normally eat regularly, but that just adds to the fun! We recommend having a variety of sweet and salty snacks to satisfy your cravings. If you tend to get carsick on road trips you may not want to eat, but it is still important to fuel your body! Foods that are high in starch, like potatoes and crackers, are known to help reduce motion sickness. Try eating some fresh fruit too if you can!

My favorite snacks to eat on the road are peanut m&m’s, peanut-butter-filled pretzels, and oranges. If you can’t tell, I REALLY like my salty snacks! The m&m’s and pretzels are the perfect combinations of sweet and salty, while the oranges are refreshing and calming to my stomach. As far as road trip essentials go, snacks are definitely at the top of the list!


2. Blankets

Blankets are also high on the road trip essentials list, especially if you have a long trip ahead of you! You can use a blanket to keep your lap warm or prop it up against a window so that you can take a nap. If you are traveling in a cold climate, your blanket will come in handy throughout your trip!

3. Games

If you are road tripping with kids, you will need ways to keep them entertained! There are a variety of games you can play in the car, from I Spy to Two Truths And A Lie. If you want more quiet activities, consider bringing a book with crossword puzzles, connect-the-dots, and coloring pages. These activities will keep kids engaged for hours and let you get a little bit of sleep!


If you are traveling with older kids or your friends, consider bringing some magnetic dominoes or road trip games! Magnetic dominoes attach to the lid of their container so that the little pieces don’t get lost! Amazon also has several road trip games that are guaranteed to make the time fly by! Our favorite game to play as a family is called “Shotgun”. One player draws cards from the box and reads the card to the other players. All the players have to compete to accomplish the challenge, answer the question, or avoid certain words. At the end of your trip, calculate the points awarded to each player. The person with the most points wins!

Games are a definite road trip essential since they make the time pass quickly! Make sure to have a few game ideas in mind the next time you are in the car!


4. Playlist

Who doesn’t love a car jams playlist?! Roll your windows down, turn the music up, and let all your cares fly away in the wind. Playlists are a great way to keep you awake if you find yourself dozing at the wheel, or to reduce any awkward silence between you and your passengers!

If you get tired of the music, try turning on an audiobook! Audiobooks are a great way to gain information without reading, and they keep your mind occupied if you are getting bored. Podcasts are another great entertainment option. Who knows, you might learn something new during your road trip!


5. Chargers

Chargers are one of the biggest road trip essentials. If you don’t have a charger, you won’t be able to jam out to music or relax with a movie! Make sure that you bring multiple chargers if you are road tripping with a big group. Nobody wants to be stuck in a car with teenagers who have dead phones.

6. Trash Can

If you are eating snacks on the road, you will inevitably have wrappers scattered around the car. A mini trash can will contain the mess and make it easy for you to dispose of your trash on your next bathroom break! You can find mini trash cans that hook onto your seat on Amazon, or you can just bring a few grocery bags. 


7. Earbuds

If you are sitting next to someone who snores while they sleep, or just trying to put up with your younger brother’s annoying noises, you need some earbuds. You can enjoy your music alone, or just tune out the other noises in the car. Earbuds are a definite road trip essential if you are traveling with a group of people!


8. Water Bottle

You have to be careful with liquids on road trips, especially if you have little ones! But, it is important to stay hydrated. Throughout your road trip, make sure you take some sips of your water. It’s okay to stop for a bathroom break every once in a while so that you can give your body a break from sitting!

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9. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes and napkins are definitely road trip essentials. If you have kids in the car, you will most likely have to clean up a few messes. Adults can be messy too though. Make sure to have some wipes or napkins stored in your console or glove compartment for easy access!

10. Travel Pillow

Travel pillows are small and compact, which makes them ideal for road trips. You can put the pillow against the door to take a nap or use it to prop up your book or tablet. Travel pillows have many uses outside of giving your head a soft place to rest! You can find travel pillows on Amazon or at your local drug store.


11. Cooler

If you are bringing refrigerated food on your road trip, you will definitely want to pack a cooler! Most coolers will fit in the backseat of a car or in the trunk. You can save money on your trip by packing your own snacks or meals, so consider bringing a cooler on your next road trip!


12. Comfy Clothes

Last but not least, you will definitely need comfy clothes on your road trip! Sweatpants, leggings, and sweatshirts are the perfect clothes to wear on your next road trip. If you are traveling through different climates, you may want to wear comfy clothes that layer! Out of all the road trip essentials listed in this article, comfy clothes are the most important. You will be in a much better mood if you wear them!

Did we miss any of your favorite road trip essentials? Let us know in the comments!

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