The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

There are so many amazing music artists out there right now but there are also so many underrated, rising music artists that more people need to watch out for. Here is our list of the top 5 rising music artists you need to know about!

1. Kiana Ledé

Despite being only 22, Kiana is already making waves in the music industry. In her younger days, Kiana started off with a few acting roles and didn’t pursue music fully until July 2018 where we saw the release of her EP Selfless which contained her hit single ‘Ex’.

More recently, Kiana released another EP titled Myself on 7th June. In an interview with Billboard, the songs on Myself talk about a wide range of topics where ‘Heavy’ talks about her struggle with anxiety while the song ‘Can I’ is about being with someone she shouldn’t be with.

Following the success of her hit single ‘Ex’, her latest EP Myself is sure to follow suit, making Kiana Ledé one of the rising R&B artists to watch.

The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

2. Lexie Liu

You may already be familiar with Lexie from talent shows such as K-Pop Star 5 and The Rap of China. Deciding to pursue music in 2017, a lot has happened since then for this rising artist.

Liu signed with record label 88rising which is home to other Asian-American artists such as Rich Brian and Joji who are former internet sensations. Being bilingual in Mandarin and English, Liu uses both in her music, bringing together elements of East and West.

Liu’s music can be described as melodic and almost hypnotic. Her debut EP 2030 includes 8 tracks and was released in February this year.

The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

3. Lewis Capaldi

If you follow Lewis Capaldi on social media, you’ll already know about his humourous posts and comedic personality. When it comes to music, Lewis is more serious as his rough but steady voice will pull on your heartstrings in his well-known power ballads such as ‘Someone You Loved’ and ‘Hold Me While You Wait’.

Capaldi’s music is emotional but also tells of his own personal stories through his music which is endearing yet so very relatable.

Capaldi makes this list of top 5 rising music artists you need to know about as his next move in cementing his stamp on the music industry is highly anticipated.

The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

4. Freya Ridings

With a deep and controlled voice, Freya Ridings has a unique voice that can easily be distinguished. Ridings released her first album Live at St Pancras Old Church in 2017 and following that, went onto her first full headline tour in the UK.

Her hit single ‘Lost Without You’ reached the Top 10 in the UK in November 2018 and it is said to be a song about an intense and regretful moment which changed her life.

Freya Ridings’s self-titled debut album is set to release later this month after the release date was previously pushed back twice.

The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

5. Joji

Joji is also signed to record label 88rising like fellow label-mate Lexie Liu mentioned earlier in this article. You may already know Joji as internet personality Filthy Frank who became famous for rap songs, extreme challenges and rants to name a few.

It wasn’t until December 2017 that Joji decided to abandon his YouTube channel to focus on his music career. His music has been described as a mix of R&B, lo-fi and hip-hop where Joji’s vocals add a sense of melancholy to his music.

Joji is another artist to keep an eye on as his future projects will no doubt continue to be intriguing.

The Top 5 Rising Music Artists You Need To Know About

Which of these rising music artists will you be checking out? Tell us in the comments below!

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