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Rihanna VS. The Kardashians: Two Empires Going Head-To-Head

Rihanna VS. The Kardashians: Two Empires Going Head-To-Head

The Kardashians and Rihanna are both constantly making headlines with their newest business inquiries and product releases. But who's empire is better? While the Kardashian empire spreads far and wide, Rihanna's Fenty empire is top quality and has gained overwhelming respect for her inclusive makeup line.

If there’s one thing the media can’t get enough of, it’s headlines about the Kardashians.  Love them or hate them, they are the most powerful influencers out there, together sporting nearly 438 million followers on Instagram.  They have branched out to slap their names on their own businesses, from makeup lines to clothing lines and brand collaborations.  It seems that the Kardashian empire could put their name on anything and it could make money… but the Kardashians aren’t the only ones profiting off their names.

Rihanna, a fashion icon and singer with 14 #1 hits and a loyal fan base that pretty much worships her, has been in the limelight for the successful empire, “Fenty,” that she has built.  Rihanna has launched her own fashion line under the brand in collaboration with Puma, as well as her own beauty line called Fenty Beauty.  There’s even rumor that she is creating a lingerie line… for which we will be waiting patiently with our wallets ready.

The question we all have:


Which one is better, the Kardashian Empire or the Fenty Empire?


  Images via @kyliecosmetics Instagram; @fentybeauty Instagram

The Kardashians

Out of the Kardashian Klan, 2 of the sisters have successful makeup lines: Kim and Kylie.  Kim’s KKW Beauty and Kylie’s Kylie Cosmetics is some of the most sought after makeup in the game.  Kim’s line brought in $14.4 million on the first launch.  Kylie’s brand earned a cool $368 million last year, and is on track to be worth $1 BILLION by 2022.  These lines are nothing to shrug off.  The makeup itself is all known to be decent quality, but nothing to write home about, especially for the ridiculous cost of the products.  A set of Kylie branded makeup brushes will set you back $360.


Fenty Beauty entered the game a little more discreetly, and wasn’t promoted on a hit reality TV show or alongside nude selfies. Rihanna strives for more racial equality and minority representation, so when she launched Fenty Beauty she launched the best quality makeup she could, she did so in every color in the book, marketed on models of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  The line was complete with products for your eyes, lips, face, and accessories to go with it.  The excitement over Fenty Beauty came from the 40 shades of her foundation.  That’s right: 40 shades!! She made sure there was a shade for everyone; dark, light, olive, translucent– everyone can find their match.  The quality of the makeup is absolutely incredible, fairly priced, and available in Sephora!

So, who’s is better?

We’re going to have to go with Rihanna on this one.  Rihanna’s makeup line is not only better quality and fairly priced, but it is a brand that represents more than just Rihanna: it’s a brand driven to promote equality and inclusion.  Once everyone on the internet freaked out about how amazingly inclusive Fenty Beauty was, Kylie Cosmetics came out with more shades to compete with Fenty.  But we all know who did it first… Don’t get me wrong, Kylie lip kits and the KKW contour kit are great, but you are paying for the Kardashian empire brand.  Fenty Beauty is available in Sephora and on Amazon so you can actually try out the product conveniently, while Kardashian makeup lines are only available online on their websites, unless Kylie has another ridiculous pop-up shop.



Images via @goodamerican Instagram; @fentyxpuma Instagram

The Kardashians

The Kardashian empire is all about fashion, and the famous sisters get paid millions to wear certain clothes and accessories.  So what better idea than to create their own lines?  Khloe created Good American, a clothing line featuring primarily body suits and denim clothing meant to fit all body types and empower women.  While a decent pair of the jeans will cost you $159, the quality and fit is THERE.  These jeans and bodysuits make everyone look good, and the style choices are amazing.  Kylie and Kendall, the two Jenners of the Kardashian klan, created the Kendall + Kylie brand (creative name, huh?).  They sell some of their stuff at Pacsun and Topshop, but it’s mostly online.  Since Kylie gave birth to her first child, Stormi, there hasn’t been much action for her and Kendall’s line, but we are excited to see where they take it.


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Fenty x Puma is a seasonal collaboration with fitness brand Puma.  It’s an unlikely pairing, but it has certainly taken off.  Fenty x Puma has been walking in fashion weeks all over the world, with Rihanna behind the brand as the main designer. The fashion week shows are quite literally shows, complete with elaborate sets and themes. This stuff is most certainly high fashion.  A pair of boots is a cool $390, and crop tops will get you at $80 a pop.  The line itself changes season to season, last season being inspired by school clothing and this season inspired by motorcross gear. The motorcross line just launched March 2018, and lets just say it’s… interesting.  Definitely a look.

So, Who’s Is Better?

The Kardashians take the cake… er… kake on this one.  While Rihanna’s brand is high fashion and unique, many people find it unwearable and unjustifiable for the price.  Also, many people want her to do the line on her own, without Puma.  Good American, while pricey, is a well thought out brand with an amazing message and fantastic clothing for everyone.  And even though Kendall + Kylie haven’t been at the forefront of everyone’s mind, their collections are very trendy, fairly priced and youthful, and give us the opportunity to dress just like Kendall and Kylie.

Who is the overall best?

Honestly, it’s hard to pick between these two empires.  Both are setting fashion trends left and right, both have an incredible reach, platform, and audience that support their brands unconditionally.  While Rihanna’s may be a bit more quality and inclusive focused, the Kardashian empire know how to run a business and create products everyone wants.  All we know for sure is that RiRi and the Kardashian Klan never fail to keep us on our toes, and we cannot wait to see where they take their empires next.


Who’s empire do you think is better, the Kardashian Empire or the Rihanna Empire ?  Let us know in the comments below!