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20 Ridiculously Awesome Dorm Essentials You Can Get On Amazon

When shopping for dorm essentials, it is all too easy to head to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond and fill your cart with all of the necessities. Chances are, your future classmates and roommates are likely doing the same. With everyone shopping at the same places, you are bound to wind up with some of the same decor, bedding and products. Luckily, we’ve rounded up 20 awesome dorm essentials you can get on Amazon so you can avoid feeling unoriginal in your shared space. PLUS, as a student you get a 6-month Amazon Prime trial membership that entitles you to free 2-day shipping! Here is some cool dorm room stuff you definitely need:

1. Removable wallpaper that completely upgrades those bleak dorm room walls.

Since residence halls usually have strict rules in regard to what can go on the walls, play it cool with removable wallpaper. It is super easy to use, and comes off with a single peel. Try an imitation brick wallpaper to give your space an urban, industrial feel.

2. Not your average twinkle lights.

A strand of twinkle lights can change the vibe of an entire space. Forget that strand of Christmas lights you found tangled up in your basement and get curtain lights on Amazon instead. The curtain lights hang vertically, allowing the lights to take up way more space and add a totally different level of cozy to any room.

3. Tapestry that’s different than everyone else’s.

Tapestries are all the rage, and reasonably so. They instantly upgrade any boring dorm room wall and make the space feel like home. As tempting as the mandala tapestries are, if you want to be unique, try one of the watercolor variety to make your dorm stand out.

4. Speakers to make those dorm bathroom showers a little more bearable.

Whether you have a shower in your room or share a communal bathroom down the hall, a waterproof shower speaker is key. Keep it in your shower caddy so you can listen to your favorite music while you shower instead of the girls from across the hall gossiping at the sink.

5. The perfect solution to never waking your roommate (at least from your phone).

If you’re worried your phone will ring or the light will wake up your roommate when you get a late-night text, the NOTTI Smart Mood Light is perfect. The light, which you can get on Amazon, syncs with your phone to display your notifications in your choice of 16 different light settings. This is definitely one of the smartest dorm essentials to have.

6. Throw pillows that give off the perfect vibe.

Any dorm bed can be cozy, with the right accessories. To build up your bed, there are so many trendy throw pillows that can be found on Amazon. From fuzzy shag pillows to graphic prints, you’re bound to find something unique. Definitely necessary dorm essentials.

7. A laundry hamper that will actually stay intact.

Living in a residence hall, doing laundry can be a serious task. Going up and down stairs to the laundry room does a serious number on you, and your hamper. Invest in a canvas hamper that is durable, and won’t be a total eyesore in your room.

8. A photo display that isn’t tacky.

Photo display string lights are the answer to your Instagram-obsessed prayers. With clips for displaying photos, the strand does double duty in your dorm acting as both a source of light and a gorgeous way of showing off your favorite snaps.


9. A graphic mug that speaks your mind.

No dorm room can be complete without a graphic mug. Whether it is for holding pencils or for drinking coffee or tea from, quirky mugs are a super cute way to accessorize in tight quarters.

10. Succulent plants so you have something to care for. #responsible

Succulents, of course, make the coolest dorm room accessories. They are cute little low-maintenance plants that will add a little bit of home to your dorm. Although succulents are definitely not cuddly, taking care of one can be a great way to feel connected to something living when you’re homesick and missing your pet.


11. Tassel garlands so it always looks like a celebration.

Great for preppy rooms, tissue paper tassel garland easily adds a bit of flair to any basic dorm room wall. They come in many different color combinations, and are easily adaptable to your own style.


12. Flip flops that are actually meant for the shower.

There are endless stores that you can get flip flops to wear in the shower, but Showaflops that you can get on Amazon are next-level. They protect your feet from bacteria, and what’s even better? They have holes in the bottom so the water drains while you shower. And while flip flops may not be the coolest things for your dorm, trust me when I say you’ll need these.

13. Graphic tapestry to really show off your style.

Like the watercolor tapestry, the graphic tapestry is a good alternative to the bohemian-style tapestries that are popular right now. With a graphic tapestry, you can put your own personal style at the forefront of your space. Pick an unexpected print or a bold, text-heavy style.

14. A jewelry holder that doubles as dorm decor.

Sooner or later, your jewelry will end up in randomly placed, unorganized piles all over your dorm room. To prevent this, invest in a dainty jewelry holder that fits in with your room’s decor.

15. Removable decals that are so stylish they stare into your soul.

Let’s face it: dorm rooms are boring. The white walls, white floors, weird furniture, it’s all pretty bland. Pick up some removable sticker decals to brighten the room and liven up your walls.

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16. An organizer that hangs on your wall instead of your desk.

Living in a small dorm with a roommate, you run out of space easily. A simple fix for running out of storage room is to use the walls and doors as back-up. Pocket organizers like this one that you can get on Amazon are perfect for tidying up.

17. A plush pillow to snuggle in lieu of your pet.

Going away to college, you realize just how wrong the notion that you become an adult when you go to college is. After building your bed with throw pillows, don’t be afraid to find a cute little plush buddy to throw on there for some extra support. You’ll be glad you included this on your dorm essentials list.

18. Cute bins to keep your desk organized.

Investing in bins to organize your desk will make your dorm room so much neater and more functional. By keeping your notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils in line, you ensure that you still have space on your desk to do homework.

19. A color changing portable speaker for the best dance party ever.

Besides your shower speaker, you’re going to need a speaker for use in your dorm room. This LED light that you can get on Amazon functions as an alarm clock as well as a Bluetooth speaker, making it the perfect addition to any music fan’s desk.

20. Candles that won’t get you kicked out of the dorm.

Getting caught burning a candle can be a serious offense in many residence halls. With that in mind, invest in flameless candles instead. They add a touch of ambiance and tranquility, while filling the room with a soothing fragrance.

Have you found any other awesome dorm essentials you can get on Amazon? Let us know in the comments!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. 

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