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Richmond Food Instagrams That You Should Follow ASAP

Richmond Food Instagrams That You Should Follow ASAP

Calling all foodies! These Richmond food Instagrams will have your mouth watering over insanely good recipes and restaurants!

Food Instagrams combine two of the best things: social media and food. Now combine food Instagrams with one of the coolest, quickly developing cities (aka Richmond) and you are seriously in for a treat! Richmond is an up and coming city with tons of new, trendy restaurants popping up that are making picking a place to eat that much harder. But lucky for you, to make the process a bit easier, I have compiled a list of the best Richmond food Instagram accounts to add to your following list. With these awesome accounts, your feed will be filled with endless mouthwatering recipes and trendy new places to try.

1. @rvafitfoodie

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015, Austin Kitchen decided to take her health more seriously, especially her diet. As she began to learn and care more about what she was putting in her body, Austin decided to launch @rvafitfoodie to share her health journey. While running this very successful account, she also instructs at a local cycle studio and works for Chamber RVA; recently being named one of Style Weekly’s Top 40 Under 40!

Austin’s instagram is full of day-to-day simple meal ideas (lots of smoothies!) made with natural, locally grown ingredients. Austin loves to inspire her followers to live a balanced life and does so by sharing her daily workouts along with her recipes. If you are visiting the Richmond area, Austin also has an awesome blog post all about the top places to eat in town.


2. @talkveggietome

Lauren’s food Instagram, @talkveggietome, is another very successful page based in Richmond. As Lauren is posting delicious meals on her page, she is also currently studying to become a registered dietician. Her feed is full of fresh, colorful plates of food that are mostly vegetarian/vegan friendly as she usually eats a plant based diet. Lauren likes to consider herself a realist when it comes to health because she doesn’t believe that you have to give up all the things you enjoy in life in order to be “healthy”. She preaches that both moderation and balance are key when trying to live healthily.

3. @eatingbirdfood

The creator of this page, Brittany, is a health coach and salad enthusiast, living by the motto that healthy habits and balance are better than dieting. Brittany uses her page to share tons of her own healthy recipe creations that all look absolutely delicious. Through her Instagram account, she founded the #saladeveryday movement encouraging her followers to join her in her healthy lifestyle by incorporating a big salad into their meals each day. Even though her page consists of mainly dishes loaded with greens, Brittany is sure to share many sweet, dessert recipes as well. Like she says, it’s all about that balance!

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4. @yourdailycupoffuel

This Richmond food Instagram is perfect to follow if you are in need of some extra motivation. Kedron Walsh uses her page to provide her followers with daily positivity and love in their life by encouraging everyone to live each day to the fullest. Additionally, she shares many of her daily meals that all look super tasty and easy to replicate.

One of my favorite parts about Kedron’s Instagram page is her many on-the-go meals/healthy snack suggestions. Kedron stays busy by running this Instagram along with working at Lululemon and instructing multiple spin classes a day, so she has become a pro at packing healthy and filling meals for when there isn’t much time for gourmet cooking.

What are your favorite Richmond food Instagrams? Let us know in the comments below!!
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