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Revolution Beauty X Friends; An Honest Review On The Much Anticipated Makeup Collection

Revolution Beauty X Friends; An Honest Review On The Much Anticipated Makeup Collection

Revolution Beauty has released two series of Friends collections with the most recent being “Life Is Better With Friends.” This collection is packed full of eyeshadow pallets, lipsticks and glosses, bath and body products, and more, and we have tried them all! It’s more packed than Joey’s Meatball sub. We have tried every product, now here’s an honest review of the much-anticipated makeup line.  The sitcom, Friends aired in 1994 and ended in 2004, with a whopping 10 seasons and a worldwide fan base. Since the show ended, FRIENDS has continued to be a sitcom for all, attracting new fans every year, remaining a relevant part of pop culture today. With the resurrection of friends on streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon, the show is now looking to return with a reunion special. Since talks of a reunion began, hints of the show have begun to pop up in all types of different places and pop culture references. 

Rachel Eyeshadow Palette

The Rachel Palette designed by Revolution Beauty was designed to fit the Friends character of Rachel’s personality. Sweet, smart, and sophisticated. The palette is packed with soft pink and golden tones with names depicting the iconic character of Rachel. Some of the names include ‘Barney’s’, ‘Dinosaur’ and ‘On a Break’. The eyeshadows are creamy and smooth. The eyeshadow glides across the eye well, is well pigmented, and leaves little residue. The packaging is fun, like all of the palettes it showcases parts of the show. The Rachel palette showcases Central Perk and the orange couch that became so iconic. 

Monica Eyeshadow Palette

Monica’s eyeshadow palette encompasses everything, Monica. From the purple and yellow packaging resembling her front door to the color names and choices. Eyeshadows such as ‘Chef’, ‘Obsessive’, and ‘Bing’ take on bright and muted orange tones. The rest of the palette is filled with deep reds, neutral oranges, and golds. The eyeshadows are crisp, clean, and very well pigmented. They glide onto the eye perfectly and you will not see residue falling from your brush. The eyeshadows are well packed and delightful. 


Phoebe Eyeshadow Palette

The Phoebe eyeshadow palette is fun, flirty, and inspired by Phoebe’s 90s inspired makeup looks. The colors are neutral, light, and beautiful with hints of glitter and coral tones with names such as ‘Lobster’, ‘Triplet’, and ‘Smelly Cat’. The eyeshadow is well packed, easy to apply, and lasts all day. The packaging showcases Phoebe’s iconic taxi. 


Friends Lip Glosses

The collectible collection of Friends lip glosses are delightfully pigmented, smooth, and beautiful. Available in six different colors- Rachel, Joey, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Ross-each high shine lipgloss has a unique design to channel your favorite character’s vibes. Each lip gloss is highly pigmented and leaves a wet look finish to the lips without being overly sticky. The lip gloss color will help to pigment the lips for the entire day, even when the gloss wears off.



The lipgloss, Rachel, is a clear gloss, highlighting the natural pigment of your lips. Monica is a medium neutral mauve and Phoebe is a deep wine color. The color of Joey is a neutral brown tone and the Chandler gloss is a coral toned beauty. Ross is a deep plum that leaves a lasting pink tone to the lips. The colors are beautiful. If you are looking for a matte lip or dislike a tacky feeling, this product is not for you. It wears well however, it is on the stickier side when it comes to lip glosses. 



Open The Door Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is rich in color and features 21 different shades with names that showcase iconic moments in the show such as, ‘Fancy Guest’, ‘I’m Fine’, and ‘Prom Video’. Each shade of this palette is super blendable, long-lasting, and highly pigmented. It is very easy to work with, leaving little residue on your face or brush. Every shade selection will help you give a nod to your favorite 90’s makeup looks and the super cute purple door is inviting and serves up the ultimate Friends throwback. 


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Revolution Beauty X Friends; An Honest Review On The Much Anticipated Makeup CollectionHe’s Her Lobster Eyeshadow Palette

The ‘He’s Her Lobster’ palette is filled with rich browns, vibrant pinks, bright corals, neutrals, and shimmering golds. This look has everything to create your 90s inspired look! Each shade is smooth, blendable, and long lasting. The entire palette is highly pigmented. The palette’s eyeshadows are packed well and leave little residue behind on the face or brush. The packaging is decorated with a bright red lobster surrounded by a light pink neutral tone, highlighting the iconic saying. 


Revolution Beauty X Friends; An Honest Review On The Much Anticipated Makeup CollectionFriends Character Lipsticks

Like the collections lip glosses, there are three lipstick shades, one dedicated to each female character. The Satin Kiss Lipstick is smooth, creamy, comfortable, and hydrating. They are highly pigmented and leave a gorgeous matte finish. Unlike other matte lipsticks, these ones will not leave your lips feeling dry or overly applied. The Phoebe lipstick comes in a deep pink tone while Monica’s color is a soft peachy pink, Rachel’s color is a soft mauve tone. 



Bath Fizzers

The Revolution Beauty x Friends collection also created multiple different bath fizzers. The Monkey Bath fizzer, Coffee Cup, Lobster, and Taxi bath fizzer. The Monkey Bath fizzer has a calming lavender scent that helps to relax and soothe muscles. The Lobster fizzer has a sweet strawberry scent and the Coffee Cup fizzer smells like sweet, fluffy marshmallows. The Taxi fizzer has a sweet and fresh mango scent. These unique bath bombs leave your skin smooth and soft and help to make your bath experience enjoyable and relaxing. 

The Friends collection also includes body scrubs, lip scrubs, and lip masks. The lip mask is ultra-hydrating while the lip scrub helps to remove any dead or dry skin. The entire collection is bold, beautiful, and completely 90s inspired. It is an ode to the iconic FRIENDS sitcom and a perfect representation of pop culture today.